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Seizing the systems integration opportunity – Lockheed Martin at REAP

“We are talking to large growers and agricultural businesses to find out how we can work together,” says George Hooper, Business Development Manager at Lockheed Martin in the UK. He is scheduled to speak at the ‘Perspectives on Disruptive Technology’ session during Agri-Tech East’s REAP Conference on 9 November 2016.

Leading technologists from BT, Fujitsu and PA Consulting will also speak at the session, discussing radical new approaches to agriculture.


Agri-tech news update

  • Is your fertiliser reaching the plant?

    Published: 3 October, 2016

    Cover crops have a valuable role as a ‘soil corrective’ according to Gary Zimmer of Midwestern Bio-Ag. Zimmer is a pioneer of biological farming, which places great emphasis on the role of microorganisms and balanced nutrients in maintaining plant health and he will be discussing this at REAP.

    Zimmer makes the distinction between soil correctives – used to fix the soil and reduce the limiting factors – and crop fertilisers, which are applied each year to feed the crop, he explains: “Cover crops and green manures can also be considered soil correctives and provide a valuable role in improving the health and resilience of the soil.

  • Technology demonstration at REAP

    Published: 2 October, 2016

    Look out for the impressive array of agri-tech on display at next month’s REAP conference 2016, from working robots to infield spore traps, to virtual advisers. The annual agri-tech REAP…

  • Agri-Tech Week: Sonic boom for waste

    Published: 28 September, 2016

    As food and other organic waste decomposes the bacteria and fungi feeding on it convert the material to another form. This process can be used to create secondary metabolites of…

  • So what is a robot and why do we need them?

    Published: 6 September, 2016

    There are two critical factors that separate a robot from a machine – the capacity to be autonomous or to act with some degree of decision, and presence of actuators,…

  • Agri-Tech Week: Shiny kit and smart drivers

    Published: 30 August, 2016

    Are you getting the benefit from precision farming?  We will be asking the big three questions at this event. What’s the latest thinking in crop production and protection technologies and…

  • Agri-Tech Week: Raising the pulse with peas and beans

    Published: 29 August, 2016

    The Japanese see huge potential for UK pea flour as a protein rich alternative for wheat. Pulses are gluten-free, nutritious and do wonders for the soil, so why are peas…