William Martin will be speaking at REAP 2016

How does this agri-tech revolution affect me in the Fens?

“I’m not a great mover in those kinds of circles,” says William Martin, referring to his fellow presenters at the upcoming Agri-Tech East REAP Conference on 9 November, with the theme ‘Innovation for an Agricultural Revolution’. “I’m a fairly classic example of somebody who can understand the techniques of precision farming and everything else, but has yet to fully understand how the applications are going to deliver financial rewards in my business.”

William is set to bring a farmer’s perspective to REAP’s Sofa Session (‘Towards a New Agroeconomy’) at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre in Cambridge. He farms a 1,000-acre family farm in Cambridgeshire, growing combinable crops and sugar beet.


Agri-tech news update

  • What technology will help you farm profitably and sustainably?

    Published: 1 August, 2016

    Louis Baugh’s farm at Neatishead Hall, Norfolk, is bordered by two Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and is also located in the Ant Valley which is designated as a wetland area of international importance.  This creates a huge challenge and the big question is “how can you run a profitable farm within such an environmentally sensitive area?”

    It was to explore how to farm sustainably while maintaining viability that DEFRA set up its Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (SIP) in 2014 and the early findings from one of the three SIP projects is to be discussed at a meeting delivered by the project leaders NIAB together with Agri-Tech East on 14th September 2016.

  • REAP bursary for farmers and growers

    Published: 1 August, 2016

    To encourage as many farmers and growers as possible to attend REAP, there is a bursary this year to offer a number of discounted places. The bursary has been made…

  • Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers

    Published: 29 July, 2016

    Advanced engineering could be the solution for the sustainable intensification of agriculture, as technology for producing service robots reaches maturity. Experts in robotics from University of Cambridge, University of Lincoln,…

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    Published: 21 July, 2016

    Urban farming is one of the ways that our capacity for food production can be increased. The potential of insects and bugs to provide a sustainable source of protein is being…

  • Agri-Tech Catalyst funding round 6 launched

    Published: 20 July, 2016

    When the Agri-Tech Strategy was launched in 2014 it committed a fund for investment in agri-tech projects called the Agri-Tech Catalyst. There have so far been five rounds, and the sixth…

  • Young Innovators at KWS

    Published: 15 July, 2016

    A visit to global plant breeding company KWS by the Young Innovators’ Forum was very successful, with loads of questions being asked. One of the core aims of Agri-Tech East is…