• Agri-Tech Week: Agricultural Biotechnology Council animation launch

    On Thursday 9th November the Earlham Institute will host the launch of a new animation by the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (abc) highlighting the potential benefits that agricultural technology can offer in the UK as we leave the European Union. The animation demonstrates how agricultural technology has the potential to deliver affordable, high quality food for consumers; help make farming more environmentally sustainable and develop trade and investment opportunities for UK farmers, businesses and scientists.

    The animation screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session featuring leading academics, commentators and policy makers in this area.

  • Agri-Tech Week: Soils and Water

    Presentations and interactive workshop hosted by Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology looking at The impact of coastal flooding on agricultural land The contribution of agrochemicals, especially metaldehydes to water sources. Read more…

  • A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    “Soil compaction is probably the most significant challenge to all crop development,” says Bill Basford, Independent Mechanisation Specialist. Bill will be giving advice about matching tyres and pressure to soil…

  • Is saline farming an option?

    Farming on the edge: is saline farming an option?

    Although a storm surge on the scale of Hurricane Harvey is unlikely, lowland farmers in the Wash are acutely aware of the risk of salt water encroaching on their land….

  • #AgriTechIsGlobal

    Going global – Africa, Argentina and Asia

    Could crop varieties that cope in extreme environments thrive in the UK? Would “no-till’ practices from the altiplano work below sea level on the fens? Would on-farm processing from other geographies…

  • Agri-Tech Week: Saving waste in horticulture: optimising resources

    Free and open to all, access independent advice and research on reducing crop and food waste and improving resource use efficiency in the horticultural and fresh produce supply chains with…

  • Agri-Tech Week: RNAA Annual Lecture

    Understanding agriculture’s triple helix – how the consumer, environment and technology will influence the rural economy of the future As a founding partner of Agri-Tech Week, the Royal Norfolk Agricultural…

  • Agri-Tech Week: Tyres, Traction and Compaction

    A joint event between AHDB, Essex & Suffolk Water and Catchment Sensitive Farming. The workshop will look at how to avoid waste through traction inefficiencies and reduce compaction effects to…

  • Agri-Tech Week: REAP Conference 2017

    Save the date: Tuesday 7th November 2017   With the theme “Today’s Knowledge Meets Tomorrow’s Technology” we will explore the best of what is happening now and how new ideas and technology is…

  • Agri-Tech Week on BBC Farming Today

    Agri-Tech Week on BBC Farming Today

    Agri-Tech Week featured strongly on the BBC’s Farming Today programme and we were delighted that presenter Anna Hill managed to come to several events. Their report on the Monday event ‘Using…