• Earlham Institute's CropQuant at REAP 2017

    CropQuant grows with crop to provide robot eye on performance

    A small, portable robot that can ‘grow’ with the crop was demonstrated for the first time at REAP.

    CropQuant, developed by the Zhou Laboratory at the Earlham Institute, provides continuous monitoring in-field of the micro-climate, providing unique insights into crop performance. CropQuant monitors the crop growth and its growing environment using a suite of sensors and an imaging ‘eye’ that can extend up to 3 metres. This allows visualisation of the crop canopy as it grows.

  • Fruit - Saving waste in horticulture

    Saving waste in horticulture: optimising resources – 10 November

    Tomatoes, strawberries and other crops grown undercover are a rich source of active plant ingredients such as lycopene, anticyanins and isoflavones that are used in the cosmetic and health industries….

  • Erosion proof farming meets technology (Brian Fischer for www.ashmorewhitesuffolks.com)

    Making agri-tech profitable, productive and sustainable at REAP

    We will be looking beyond maximising yield at this year’s REAP to explore other ways to boost the value of output and to make agriculture profitable, productive and sustainable. Prof…

  • A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    “Soil compaction is probably the most significant challenge to all crop development,” says Bill Basford, Independent Mechanisation Specialist. Bill will be giving advice about matching tyres and pressure to soil…

  • Is saline farming an option?

    Farming on the edge: is saline farming an option?

    Although a storm surge on the scale of Hurricane Harvey is unlikely, lowland farmers in the Wash are acutely aware of the risk of salt water encroaching on their land….

  • #AgriTechIsGlobal

    Going global – Africa, Argentina and Asia

    Could crop varieties that cope in extreme environments thrive in the UK? Would “no-till’ practices from the altiplano work below sea level on the fens? Would on-farm processing from other geographies…