• Wanted - unicorns, gorillas and gazelles to transform UK agriculture and horticulture

    Unicorns, gorillas and gazelles wanted to transform UK agriculture and horticulture

    No, it’s not a new form of diversified livestock management – unicorns, gorillas and gazelles are terms used to describe businesses in various stages of growth and success. The final of our GROW agri-tech business plan competition has got us looking at the global deal flow into agri-tech and how start-ups are developing.

    While other, more mature sectors have examples of companies in these categories, “agri-tech” has needed time to begin to deliver this menagerie of success.

  • Recycling and reducing water use for agriculture

    Recycling and reducing water use for agriculture

    “Water is to me, I confess, a phenomenon which continually awakens new feelings of wonder as often as I view it,” said British Scientist Michael Faraday (1791-1867), inventor of the…

  • Smarter farming and connected farmers

    A striking feature of the recent member ‘give and get exchange’ was the willingness of the growers to get involved in trials and be first adopters for technologies that might…

  • Putting agri-tech at the heart of gov strategy

    With phrases such as “productivity gap,” “reliance on flow of migrant labour” and “shortage of technical level skills”, one might think the recently published Green Paper (“Building Our Industrial Strategy”)…

  • This month we’re thinking about healthy eating, inspired by our February event “Delicious and Nutritious”

    Tasty, appealing and nutritious

    ‘We are what we eat’ is an old saying, but still rings true. As knowledge about how the body uses this vital fuel grows, the importance of making our crops both…

  • Funding for agri-tech

    Show us the money!

    Blue Monday is the 16th January, said to be when the impact of the festive excesses hits home. So this month we’re trying to think positively about what money is…

  • New thinking for a new year

    As 2016 draws to a close, it’s clear that challenging current orthodoxies is going to be the new norm. Inspired by discussions, debates and reflections during Agri-Tech Week, as well…

  • Bringing inspiration from the corners of the earth

    Bringing inspiration from the corners of the earth

    The first step for innovation is to understand the problem. The issues faced by agriculture are common to other markets, so it is reasonable to think that solutions proven to…

  • Realising our Potential

    The time taken to bring in the harvest may be decreasing but the data it produces is increasing and becoming more meaningful.  With more combine harvesters than ever measuring yield it is becoming…

  • Working towards a sustainable British Agricultural Policy

    Working towards a more sustainable agri-industry

    As the biggest consultation in a generation kicks off about the future of farming and in particular the new British Agricultural Policy, there is a need to include some hard…