• 30MHz to show smart sensing toolkit at REAP

    30MHz to show “smart sensing toolkit” at REAP

    “There’s this perception that with the Internet of Things everything has to be very lofty and large scale, but there are so many very basic challenges or questions in agriculture that can be solved just by installing a sensor,” says Joanna Madej, Head of Communications at 30MHz. The company will be demonstrating its “smart sensing toolkit” at REAP in November.

    The “toolkit” provided by the Netherlands-based company allows the collection of data using a variety of sensors across a large area, whether it’s a greenhouse, field or busy port.

  • Hummingbird takes flight with early crop health monitoring

    Hummingbird takes flight with early crop health monitoring

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    Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers

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    Sentinel satellites offer agri-tech business opportunity

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