• This month we’re thinking about healthy eating, inspired by our February event “Delicious and Nutritious”

    Tasty, appealing and nutritious

    ‘We are what we eat’ is an old saying, but still rings true. As knowledge about how the body uses this vital fuel grows, the importance of making our crops both more nutritious and delicious is gaining pre-eminence.

    Breeding for improved flavour and added value is the theme of our event on the 22nd February, which will focus on how new breeding and agronomic practices are influencing the flavours and health properties of some of our favourite foods. Sweetcorn, courgettes, broccoli, strawberries and wheat are among the staples to be discussed.

  • Nutritious and delicious

    Larger, tasty strawberries that offer 20 per cent saving on labour and almost no wastage demonstrate that the benefits of breeding extend far beyond yield. Flavour and nutritional content can…

  • Gary Zimmer - “Feed the soil and it will feed you”

    “Feed the soil and it will feed you,” Gary Zimmer says at REAP

    Yield and quality can be improved, within the existing fertilizer budget, by a move to Biological Farming.  Soil and tissue testing are essential to assess the available nutrition in the…

  • Realising our Potential

    The time taken to bring in the harvest may be decreasing but the data it produces is increasing and becoming more meaningful.  With more combine harvesters than ever measuring yield it is becoming…

  • Farmers’ correct GPS to allow connected farm

    “We are very close now to a true ‘connected farm’. I believe the technology and software is there, it is now just a matter of working out the bugs,” says…

  • Urban farming under Clapham

    If you missed Daniel Cross, Managing Director of G’s Fresh Salads, at our ‘Undercover Agents’ Pollinator talking about their involvement in the unique ‘Growing Underground’ farm in Clapham then you may…

  • Engineers rising to the GROW challenge

    The Department of Engineering at University of Cambridge is actively supporting GROW this year, as agri-tech applications are becoming an area of increasing interest for the group. Helen Francis, Research…

  • Peter van Esse, The Sainsbury Laboratory

    Translation of research vital for agri-tech innovation

    The 2Blades Group at The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) runs a master class to help scientists to take leadership roles in industry or to become successful entrepreneurs in start-up companies. Group…

  • Growing Underground - urban farm to be discussed at Pollinator

    Advances in underground growing brings salad to London tunnels

    Sitting thirty-three meters underneath the busy streets of Clapham, a disused air raid shelter from the Second World War is currently producing sustainable and fresh produce, thanks to a new…

  • Soilless growing attracting attention from drought prone countries

    Aponic Ltd has developed a soilless growing system that uses 90 per cent less water than traditional agriculture, does not emit harmful run-off into the environment, and reduces the dependence…