• Farming Data - David Godding at GROW 2017 feat

    Farming Data supports subsistence farmers in creating market for surplus

    Smallholder farmers grow 80 per cent of the food produced in East Africa. A third are women, heading up a household of the old and young. If a surplus could be sold at higher prices – without too many intermediaries – it would make an immediate improvement in the quality of life for these women and their dependents.

    Farming Data was established to address this challenge and the Cambridge start-up won Agri-Tech East’s 2017 GROW agri-tech business plan competition.

  • Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show

    Feeding the future: Innovation Hub at Royal Norfolk Show

    Our natural resources of light, water and soil are finite but with smart technology we can make them go further. The Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show is showing…

  • Rob Alston, Managing Director of Silfield, will be at the final of Agri-Tech East’s GROW business plan competition

    “Show me you can make it happen,” says Rob Alston

    “I’m looking forward to GROW this year; it excites me to see something that could be the ‘next big thing’ in the industry, challenging the status quo,” says Robert Alston,…

  • Protecting the River Wensum: land management can reduce runoff

    Protecting the River Wensum: land management can reduce runoff

    The University of East Anglia (UEA) will demonstrate how mitigation measures can limit the amount of nutrients and pesticides that end up in the river at the Royal Norfolk Show’s Innovation…

  • Future agriculture, improving taste and paying for it all!

    Stimulating new ideas, sharing best practice and meeting people with challenges and solutions  – these are the aims of Agri-Tech East meetings. We have certainly covered some ground already this…

  • SmartAKIS

    Real-time diagnostics high on Euro farmers wish list

    Robots and real-time diagnostics were on the wish list for farmers across Europe who were interviewed by researchers from the European initiative Smart AKIS. From UK to Serbia, Netherlands to…

  • George Freeman MP champions Open Innovation at Rothamsted forum

    George Freeman MP champions Open Innovation at Rothamsted forum

    The challenges facing the agri-food industry need a collaborative approach to make real progress. By involving stakeholders from across the value-chain it is possible to develop sustainable solutions. This type of ‘Open…

  • Agri-Tech East Events 2017

    Agri-Tech East hosts events throughout the year to inspire and facilitate discussions between participants with new ideas and fresh thinking. People from all sectors and disciplines welcome—whether you’re a grower,…

  • Carlos Lopez-Gomez

    Agri-Tech East cluster best place to start a business

    Robotics, big data, precision engineering, smart water management and plant science are some of the areas where the Agri-Tech East business cluster has significant competitive advantage according to an independent…

  • Celbius

    Agri-Tech Week: Sonic boom for waste

    As food and other organic waste decomposes the bacteria and fungi feeding on it convert the material to another form. This process can be used to create secondary metabolites of…