• Agri-Tech East at the House of Lords

    New video supports launch of From Grass Roots to Blue Skies report

    The Agri-Tech East cluster is generating new ideas that will boost the profitability, productivity and sustainability of agriculture. This is captured in a report From Grass Roots to Blue Skies: A vision for agri-tech, launched at the House of Lords.

    This short video captures the spirit of the launch and provides a taster of the report.

  • Cyber Towers, Hyderabad

    Apps, agriculture and Asia

    Innovation isn’t incremental – it can leap-frog existing technology or come from an unexpected angle. One of the conclusions of our report launched at the House of Lords this month…

  • From Grass roots to blue skies - a vision for agri-tech

    A Vision For Agri-Tech

      Agricultural production is stalling and the current farming model may be unsustainable but there is potential to make a radical improvement. Agri-Tech East’s members have identified a number of…

  • REAP Start-up Showcase is a launchpad for businesses

    “When I pitched Arlabion at the very first REAP conference it was to test the industry reaction and interest; we did not even have a company registered,” remembers Ella Kalnina,…

  • Dogtooth robot at REAP

    First exhibitors announced for REAP

    Robotics, smart irrigation management, “farm on a chip”, novel purchasing and procurement technologies for farmers, weather predicting and monitoring solutions are among the technologies we have featured at REAP in…

  • Prof Sir David Baulcombe

    New Cambridge Centre for Crop Science gets green light

    A new Cambridge Centre for Crop Science (3CS) has got the go ahead and £16.9m of funding. It is to be a joint initiative between the University of Cambridge and…

  • Farming Data - David Godding at GROW 2017 feat

    Farming Data supports subsistence farmers in creating market for surplus

    Smallholder farmers grow 80 per cent of the food produced in East Africa. A third are women, heading up a household of the old and young. If a surplus could…

  • SoilSense - Dallan Byrne feat

    Soil moisture sensor breakthrough paves way for smart irrigation

    An aerial soil moisture sensor that can provide a detailed map of the water status of a whole field in minutes is being developed by Bristol based SoilSense. The early…

  • PolyMarker

    PolyMarker tools to help breeders access new research

    A major hurdle to the uptake of research into new wheat varieties is that breeders do not have the specialist bioinformatics training required to utilise the latest discoveries. To overcome this hurdle…

  • Agronomex - Pascale Martin at GROW

    Agronomex makes selling edible waste profitable

    Fresh vegetables that are surplus to orders are frequently left to rot in the field, as the cost of harvesting without a known buyer is too great. Concern about this…