• Dr Cristina Sargent

    It all adds up, says Dr Sargent of the Smith Institute

    Solving the problem starts with framing the right question. Dr Cristina Sargent of the Smith Institute believes that mathematics is a clear, objective way of resolving the type of complexity experienced in agriculture.

    Improving forecasting for G’s Growers is one of the case-studies she will be discussing at the Big Data SIG ‘Bring Out Your Data’ on 21st March, which includes a brokerage workshop.

  • Dr Judith Irwin

    New speedy broccoli from seed to harvest in 8 weeks

    ‘This new broccoli is all about speed,” says Dr Jonathan Clarke, Head of Business Development at the John Innes Centre. “It takes 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. We have…

  • Dr Brittany Hazard

    Designing healthier wheat starch

    Many of the major health challenges worldwide are diet related, which has led Dr Brittany Hazard’s research group at the Institute of Food Research to designing wheat starches to make…

  • Is Crowdfunding right for you?

    “Crowdfunding is not a quick and easy solution, but it can be incredibly rewarding” says Paul Hughes, Head of Venture Development at Allia’s Future Business Centre. On 23 January 2017,…

  • Dr Penny Maplestone, CEO of the British Society of Plant Breeders

    All I want for Christmas is a crystal ball

    “Plant breeding makes a huge difference in virtually every area of everybody’s life,” says Dr Penny Maplestone, CEO of the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB). She is set to…

  • Gary Zimmer - “Feed the soil and it will feed you”

    “Feed the soil and it will feed you,” Gary Zimmer says at REAP

    Yield and quality can be improved, within the existing fertilizer budget, by a move to Biological Farming.  Soil and tissue testing are essential to assess the available nutrition in the…

  • Seizing the systems integration opportunity – Lockheed Martin at REAP

    “We are talking to large growers and agricultural businesses to find out how we can work together,” says George Hooper, Business Development Manager at Lockheed Martin in the UK. He…

  • Stuart Knight, NIAB

    How to get quality and quantity year after year

    What were your results like this year? Could you do better? Getting higher quality and quantity from the crop with more strategic use of inputs is one of the benefits of…

  • William Martin will be speaking at REAP 2016

    How does this agri-tech revolution affect me in the Fens?

    “I’m not a great mover in those kinds of circles,” says William Martin, referring to his fellow presenters at the upcoming Agri-Tech East REAP Conference on 9 November, with the…

  • Will digital agriculture deliver the next revolution?

    Will digital agriculture deliver the next revolution?

    “Innovative new thinking is integral to the future of agriculture and we see the digital overtaking the physical,” says David Hickie, Technology Lead for FMCG at PA Consulting and a speaker at…