• Philip Garford, Garford Farm Machinery

    Automation as an alternative to chemicals

    “Weed control has certainly been changing in the past few years,” says Philip Garford, Managing Director of Garford Farm Machinery. He is set to speak at Agri-Tech East’s annual REAP conference in November. We caught up with Philip for his views on crop management, advancing automation and Garford Farm Machinery.

    Peterborough-based ‘Garford Farm Machinery’ develops, manufactures and distributes high quality row equipment products to the UK and world agricultural market.

  • Reward farmers for Natural Capital, says Andrew Blenkiron ahead of Agri-Tech East's REAP conference 2017

    Reward farmers for building soil fertility, says Andrew Blenkiron

    “We need to go back to how my grandfather farmed, but using modern science,” says Andrew Blenkiron, Estate Director at Euston Estate, Suffolk. He is scheduled to speak at this…

  • Mark Nicholas - Food for thought at the Royal Norfolk Show

    Food for thought at the Royal Norfolk Show

    Food is to be enjoyed, shared and valued and this year’s Royal Norfolk Show will be creating a strong link between food, farming and the countryside, according the recently appointed…

  • Rob Alston, Managing Director of Silfield, will be at the final of Agri-Tech East’s GROW business plan competition

    “Show me you can make it happen,” says Rob Alston

    “I’m looking forward to GROW this year; it excites me to see something that could be the ‘next big thing’ in the industry, challenging the status quo,” says Robert Alston,…

  • Emily Norton, Nortons Dairy

    Success in value-added dairy

    “Milk is not just some white stuff that goes in a cup of tea, or on your cornflakes in the morning – it’s something that should be respected,” says Emily…

  • Dr Cristina Sargent

    It all adds up, says Dr Sargent of the Smith Institute

    Solving the problem starts with framing the right question. Dr Cristina Sargent of the Smith Institute believes that mathematics is a clear, objective way of resolving the type of complexity…

  • Dr Judith Irwin

    New speedy broccoli from seed to harvest in 8 weeks

    ‘This new broccoli is all about speed,” says Dr Jonathan Clarke, Head of Business Development at the John Innes Centre. “It takes 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. We have…

  • Dr Brittany Hazard

    Designing healthier wheat starch

    Many of the major health challenges worldwide are diet related, which has led Dr Brittany Hazard’s research group at the Institute of Food Research to designing wheat starches to make…

  • Is Crowdfunding right for you?

    “Crowdfunding is not a quick and easy solution, but it can be incredibly rewarding” says Paul Hughes, Head of Venture Development at Allia’s Future Business Centre. On 23 January 2017,…

  • Dr Penny Maplestone, CEO of the British Society of Plant Breeders

    All I want for Christmas is a crystal ball

    “Plant breeding makes a huge difference in virtually every area of everybody’s life,” says Dr Penny Maplestone, CEO of the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB). She is set to…