• Glittering prizes

    Published: 20 October, 2017

    Delighted to be short-listed by Eastern Daily Press for its Knowledge Catalyst Award in the 2017 EDP business awards. Even if lightening doesn’t strike twice and we are not fortunate enough to win again, it always gives a warm feeling to be a finalist.

    The judges commented that: “Agri-Tech East is an organisation which excels in the distribution of knowledge, bringing together companies of all sizes to share their expertise.

  • New video supports launch of From Grass Roots to Blue Skies report

    Published: 11 October, 2017

    The Agri-Tech East cluster is generating new ideas that will boost the profitability, productivity and sustainability of agriculture. This is captured in a report From Grass Roots to Blue Skies: A vision…

  • A Vision For Agri-Tech

    Published: 1 October, 2017

      Agricultural production is stalling and the current farming model may be unsustainable but there is potential to make a radical improvement. Agri-Tech East’s members have identified a number of…

  • Latest thinking and first in the field

    Published: 30 September, 2017

    The striking thing about Agri-Tech Week is the calibre and diversity of the people taking part and the opportunities to interact with them.  The events are designed to enable a free flow…

  • REAP Start-up Showcase is a launchpad for businesses

    Published: 29 September, 2017

    “When I pitched Arlabion at the very first REAP conference it was to test the industry reaction and interest; we did not even have a company registered,” remembers Ella Kalnina,…

  • From Worms to Blockchain, and Crop Stress to Artificial Intelligence

    Published: 28 September, 2017

    Jargon used by technologists can be an obstacle to its adoption, so we are busting it this year by selecting the most relevant of the emerging technology streams and exploring its…

  • Back to the future for sustainable farming

    Published: 27 September, 2017

    “We need to go back to how my grandfather farmed, but using modern science,” says Andrew Blenkiron, Estate Director at Euston Estate and speaker at the forthcoming REAP conference. Blenkiron believes…

  • A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    Published: 3 September, 2017

    “Soil compaction is probably the most significant challenge to all crop development,” says Bill Basford, Independent Mechanisation Specialist. Bill will be giving advice about matching tyres and pressure to soil…

  • Richard Anscombe new chair of Agri-Tech East Stakeholder Group

    Published: 1 September, 2017

    As rain stops play again, predictive weather forecasts and improved sensor technologies are two of the developments Richard Anscombe – the new chair of the Agri-Tech East Stakeholder Group –…

  • New faces and new thinking in the Stakeholder Group

    Published: 1 September, 2017

    The Stakeholder Group provides a useful sounding board for the activities of Agri-Tech East. By inviting champions from different parts of the community we gain grass roots insights which are…