• REAP 2016: Innovation For An Agricultural Revolution

    Innovation For An Agricultural Revolution: REAP 2016 report

    New thinking was in abundance at REAP 2016 and we’ve captured the key points in our post-conference report, launched today. It is clear that for agriculture to realise its full productive, economic and environmental potential, we need to make changes – however it can be difficult to imagine how to do things differently.

    The REAP 2016 programme was designed to bring together experts from agriculture, as well as other industries and other geographies, to inspire us with new perspectives. From challenges to manage soils more sensitively, to robotics, predictive crop modelling and pest forecasting and management, REAP 2016 brought together some of the opinion formers from the UK and beyond.

  • Revolutionary crop disease forecasting from fungal spore trap

    A new crop disease warning system being developed by Bayer CropScience can detect disease at the point of infection up to three weeks before the symptoms are seen. This early…

  • Agri-Tech Week on BBC Farming Today

    Agri-Tech Week on BBC Farming Today

    Agri-Tech Week featured strongly on the BBC’s Farming Today programme and we were delighted that presenter Anna Hill managed to come to several events. Their report on the Monday event ‘Using…

  • REAP 2016 tech innovations on show

    Here is a flavour of REAP 2016, Cambridge TV produced a video report featuring some of the technology being demonstrated at the conference. It includes an overview from Dr Belinda Clarke,…

  • Strengthening the UK’s leadership in CleanTech

    In a continuation of our preview of the REAP Technology Exhibition (click here: To spray or not?), other demonstrations will include:- ‘Green Pallets’ – Cambond Cambridge start-up Cambond has produced…

  • Agri-Tech East wins Knowledge Catalyst award at EDP Business Awards

    Impact of Agri-Tech East recognised with Knowledge Catalyst Award

    Innovation starts with understanding the problem. By creating opportunities to get farmers involved earlier in agri-tech developments – in both the lab and the workshop – Agri-Tech East has stimulated…

  • Bayer spore trap

    To spray or not? Spore trap provides three weeks’ notice

    A new early warning device for Septoria, yellow rust and brown rust that gives farmers a three week window for deciding whether to spray or not is one of the…

  • We don’t understand enough how other markets work

    “The notion that British agriculture – having not managed to export all that successfully in the free market – is suddenly going to do better when that safety net is…

  • Sunny outlook for Prodata Weather Systems

    Sunny outlook for Prodata Weather Systems

    “Having your own personal weather station provides multiple benefits if you are a farmer,” says Peter Palmer, Sales and Development at Prodata Weather Systems. “Knowledge of wind speed and direction…

  • Carlos Lopez-Gomez

    Agri-Tech East cluster best place to start a business

    Robotics, big data, precision engineering, smart water management and plant science are some of the areas where the Agri-Tech East business cluster has significant competitive advantage according to an independent…