• Water SIG site visit to Produce World

    If you’re worried about water, or concerned about chemical use, have you considered a reed bed? Major growers Produce World invested in a lagoon with a reed bed growing two different reed species and now run an entirely closed loop system to recycle nearly 90 % of their water. We’ll be visiting the site and understanding more about how to install and care for a reed bed, as well as looking at the other ecosystem services being delivered through the wildflower meadow, dipping pond and trees. Places are strictly limited and bring your steel toe-capped boots if you have them!

    Times and prices to be announced shortly.

  • Sunculture - irrigation as a service

    Irrigation as a service to unlock African potential

    Less than 20% of the land area in Kenya is suitable for rain fed agriculture and irrigation technology is prohibitively expensive. Using the M-PESA, the mobile money service developed by a…

  • Export opportunities for Agri-Tech

    The UKTI has publicised a number of opportunities for British agri-tech companies to work in collaboration with Brazilian organisations: British manufacturers of cattle vaccines to partner in developing a vaccine for Tick…

  • The water balancing act in East Anglia

    How can farmers and growers increase resilience to water shortage? Many are already using some strategies such as: improved storage through roof capture and reservoirs; smart abstraction through boreholes and bulk…

  • How would you manage demand for water?

    What would you do differently if you were put in control of water management for the East of England?  There is an opportunity to find out by taking part in…

  • A soil improver that enhances both nutrition and hydration

    Biomation have developed a new approach to soil improvement that keeps crops well hydrated and nourished. Paul Smith, head of business development from Biomation says: “Our product combines nutrient rich…

  • Russell Smith Farms, a LEAF and Waitrose demonstration farm, welcomes Water SIG

    The Agri-Tech East Special Interest Groups provide a unique opportunity for the farming community to meet with technologists and researchers from other sectors. This is creating a rich source of…

  • Inder Poonaji, Head of Sustainability at Nestlé UK & Ireland,

    Nestlé to speak at agri-tech water innovation event 9th March

    Water is a finite resource and deciding how it is allocated is naturally contentious especially for farmers and food processors where it is a vital resource. There is an urgent…

  • Rivers and waterways are adversely affected by diffuse pollution

    New models help minimise water pollution and optimise yield

    Tools developed with French farms have been shown to model the effects of land-use on water pollution. Hutchinsons see a role in the UK to advise improved cultivation on a field…

  • Agri-tech water cluster creating a 25 year plan

    Development of a “25 year plan” on water use in agriculture needs input from all stakeholders.  A workshop held during Agri-Tech Week provided a variety of perspectives.  It looked at…