Agri-Tech Week: REAP Conference 2017

Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1RQ

7 November, 2017

REAP 2017

Save the date: Tuesday 7th November 2017

Now in its 4th year, the REAP conference is Agri-Tech East’s annual conference, delivered as part of our partnership Agri-Tech Week programme.

The aim of REAP is to bring together progressive farmers and growers with leading edge researchers and technology developers, alongside key representatives of the agri-tech value chain, to enhance market pull and accelerate the route for new agricultural innovations to become commercially available.

The theme of this year’s conference is Today’s Knowledge Meets Tomorrow’s Technologywhere we will explore the potential for the application of new tools and services to help enhance and increase our understanding of the principles behind productive, sustainable and, ultimately, profitable production.

We will discuss how new innovations can be deployed to help increase farmers’ understanding of soil biology, chemistry and physics, water management, plant physiology and pathology, and to help inform precision agriculture approaches and manage inputs. The potential exists to manage entire farming systems more effectively, but to achieve this a multi-disciplinary approach is needed. REAP brings together a diverse and highly engaged group of delegates from across the UK and beyond to develop new opportunities to help agriculture meet the challenges ahead.

REAP 2017 will see the return of two new features we launched at REAP 2016:

  • The highly successful “Emerging Agri-Tech” session, where we introduced some of the most farmer-focused and relevant research informing the industry, being carried out by early career stage scientists.
  • The technical exhibition, where the vibrant technology community developing new tools and products for agriculture had the opportunity to speak directly to farmers and gain industry insights and market profile.

We’ll also be presenting the 2017 line-up of early stage agri-tech companies in our regular Start-Up Showcase. Previous Showcase companies have enjoyed significant successes after being featured, either attracting investment, co-development partners, or new clients as a result.

Make sure to keep your diary clear on Tuesday 7th November 2017!

Keep your eye on the Agri-Tech East website as we continue to announce speakers and participants throughout the coming months.

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Agri-Tech Week 2017