Professional Insights

We are featuring contributions from a range of service providers with expertise in the agri-tech sector. These advice columns aim to support the business or professional development of the cluster.

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stableA Stable alternative to futures for managing volatile prices

Farmers need a predictable income to invest in new technology and bankers need reliable income to support a growing business. To break this deadlock, Stable has developed a simple, affordable,  risk management tool designed and built for farmers, rather than financiers.


Max MacGillivray, RedFox(Un)Successful recruitment in agribusiness

Max MacGillivray, founder of RedFox, recruiter for agri-food and business in the UK and internationally, answers the important question not often asked: “What are the characteristics of unsuccessful people in our sectors?”


3 reasons why your pitch failed

3 Reasons Why Your Pitch Failed

Adelina Chalmers gives her insights into the common reasons why pitches fail and relates this to three decision making sectors of the brain.  If you are pitching your ideas internally or going out for funding then you need to read her tips.