Tony Bambridge, B&C Farming

Agri-Tech can help make us world class and competitive

“As an industry, I think we need to focus on things that the market really wants us to provide and where we have a chance of being world-class and competitive,” says Tony Bambridge, Managing Director of B&C Farming, who will be joining a debate about the priorities for agri-tech at Agri-Tech East’s REAP Conference on the 7th November 2018.

“There will still be a need for British beef and oven chips are not going to start pouring in from Brazil. I think most East Anglian farmers actually produce products that are really needed by brewers, bakers, confectioners and the poultry industry – but there will need to be a rebalancing and refocusing of our market,” Bambridge says.


Agri-tech news update

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