30MHz to show “smart sensing toolkit” at REAP


30MHz to show smart sensing toolkit at REAP

“There’s this perception that with the Internet of Things everything has to be very lofty and large scale, but there are so many very basic challenges or questions in agriculture that can be solved just by installing a sensor,” says Joanna Madej, Head of Communications at 30MHz. The company will be demonstrating its “smart sensing toolkit” at REAP in November.

The “toolkit” provided by the Netherlands-based company allows the collection of data using a variety of sensors across a large area, whether it’s a greenhouse, field or busy port.

“Consider the toolkit like Lego pieces of a smart sensing solution,” continues Madej. “It includes sensors, an adjustable mesh network, and analytics and alerts in the form of a dashboard that’s accessible from any device.

Joanna Madej, 30MHz
Joanna Madej

“Depending on the metric you want to capture – such as temperature, soil moisture, humidity or wind speed – the sensors will be different, and they are all adjustable. In essence the thing that unifies all our customers is that they have a problem they want to solve that requires monitoring physical space, and we have the sensors and the data capabilities to do that in real-time.

Madej comments that agriculture is the industry that really sees the potential in sensing, and has the strongest case for it: “We have seen just how innovative the agricultural space is in the Netherlands, and we see that same drive for innovation in the UK.

“British farmers are very tech-savvy, but they are looking for solutions that are easy to use and not unnecessarily complicated,” she continues. “Every time we speak to them we see that they are looking for new technologies, new ways to be more sustainable, productive and cost-effective.”

30MHz focuses on customisability, accessibility and scalability, aiming to make it easy for companies of all sizes to capture data from their physical environments and make better decisions with a product that’s out of the box and easy to deploy.

“We want the bottom line to be simplicity, usability and the ability to solve problems straight away,” says Madej. “We don’t want to be over-complicated for the more basic needs, but if you have more complex data and analytic needs the product can grow to accommodate that as well.”

30MHz focuses on customisability, accessibility and scalabilityThroughout its two-and-a-half year history, 30MHz has worked within several industry sectors, including monitoring damage on mooring posts for the port of Amsterdam, and monitoring occupancy and people flow in the Van Gogh Museum.

However, significant work has been done within the agri-food chain, including with retailers, transport, storage and producers and companies such as Bejo Zaden, Syngenta, Pop Vriend Seeds, Rijk Zwaan, Svensson and Jan de Wit & Sons.

“One of our most successful sensors is a pointed temperature sensor that we developed with Dutch commercial pepper farmers Kwekerij Moors,” continues Madej (see more about this project here). “It’s a flexible, contactless temperature sensor that can accommodate the irregular shapes of fruit, vegetables and leaves. We were told by the customer that it was something they needed, that it didn’t exist, so we worked with them to create it.”

The UK’s passion for evolving the agricultural industry is why 30MHz will be exhibiting at REAP. They will be showcasing a variety of sensors alongside their analytics dashboard to demonstrate the real-time monitoring capabilities of their products.

“We are very interested in speaking to more British farmers, to understand their vision, their challenges and the opportunities they see to innovate within their sector. If Dutch agriculture is any indication, smart sensing is a big part of that. Coming to REAP felt like a really good fit – it’s exactly the kind of audience that we would resonate with.”

For more information about REAP, including the technology exhibition, click here.

Visit the 30MHz website at: www.30mhz.com

See more about 30MHz’s projects on YouTube here.

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