A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop


A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop“Soil compaction is probably the most significant challenge to all crop development,” says Bill Basford, Independent Mechanisation Specialist. Bill will be giving advice about matching tyres and pressure to soil conditions in a workshop during Agri-Tech Week.

He says: “Improvements in tyre technology in recent years has included both increased flex (IF) and very-high flex (VF) specifications. This allows tyres greater flexion with a larger footprint and better traction. Alongside this, recent developments in on-board tyre pressure selection can enable pressure to be selected according to soil conditions and this minimises compaction.”

Bill will be giving his five point plan to help improve efficient weight support and traction. This will ensure that soils are not compacted, allowing crops to develop to their full potential.

AHDB, Essex and Suffolk Water and Catchment Sensitive Farming’s tyre management workshop is to be held on 8 November, as part of Agri-Tech Week. See more information here.

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