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Agri-Tech East logo (web)Agri-Tech East is supporting the growth of a world-leading cluster of innovative farmers, food producers & processors, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision of improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.

Agri-Tech East brings people together from different spheres of industry and science to turn challenges into business opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial collaboration.
Our members come from the whole breadth of the agri-food chain – click here to find out more about our members.

The challenge

Primary food production is the biggest industry in the world, however technical advances which drove its productivity in the second half of the 20th century have faltered, and many of the promised benefits have proved hollow.

The world faces two existential crises: feeding several billion extra mouths sustainably and combating climate change.

To achieve this we need a new agricultural revolution and time is too short to allow the necessary connections to be made naturally. An expert agent is needed to accelerate these conversations, connections, relationships and developments, to make introductions to operators from all over the world and to ensure that these contacts and relationships are recorded for future benefit.

This agent should only be a facilitator not a substitute for industry led initiatives. This agent is called Agri-Tech East.


Agri-Tech East is driving innovation in agriculture by:

  • Showcasing new research, technology and innovation that is of relevance to farmers, producers and processors
  • Creating an entrepreneurial culture that fosters the development of early-stage business ideas in agri-tech and brings in new sources of finance
  • Helping farmers and growers to clearly articulate their priorities and requirements to those within the research and technology communities
  • Generating interest from non-traditional sources to bring in fresh thinking from other disciplines

The east of England is one of the most fertile regions of the UK and is home to many progressive farmers, ground-breaking technologists, innovative companies and centres of world leading research. Agri-Tech East is the catalyst, bringing these elements together to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from lab to field.

This facilitation of knowledge transfer was recognised in November 2016 when Agri-Tech East won the Knowledge Catalyst award at the Eastern Daily Press Business Awards 2016.


Building a business-led agri-tech cluster

Agri-Tech East is facilitating the development of a business-led agri-tech cluster that will create opportunities for a more profitable and sustainable agri-industry to:

  • Build economic value throughout the supply chain by encouraging innovation directed at market needs
  • Increase resilience to climate and market volatility
  • Generate international profile and opportunities – both to support the export of goods and services and inward attraction of expertise and solutions
  • Create a profitable and vibrant agri-tech sector in east of England


Agri-Insights Tours and Missions

We are proud to have a large number of experts in our network around key topics of relevance to the global agriculture and horticulture industry. Our Agri-Insights programme offers tailored access to our cohort of experts from the business and research communities around specific topic areas. Our network has particular expertise around selected topics such as crop breeding, remote sensing and monitoring, and crop data management and modelling. A recent independent Government report recently highlighted the Agri-Tech East cluster as having leading capability in robotics, big data, precision engineering, smart water management and plant sciences.

If you are interested in accessing our Agri-Insights Tours we can offer a bespoke package of visits, seminars and workshops to help your staff access new training opportunities, gain new insights from industry leaders and innovators, as well as helping your organisation to find new collaborative partners.

To find out more about arranging an Agri-Insights Tour, please contact us.


Our Agri-Tech Week partnership programme is our flagship “open-doors” opportunity for future partners, collaborators and customers to come to the UK via the welcoming portal of the east of England. Working alongside our colleagues in local and national Government, we are delighted to host delegations from overseas who are interested in accessing the UK market, along with its innovators, investors and ideas-generators. To set up a mission, or to find out more about the Agri-Tech Week programme, please click here.


More information

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