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Smart sensing for agriculture

30MHz provides growers with everything they need to set up a wireless sensor network, and start monitoring their crops and growing environment in moments, without technical expertise. (see blogs and videos below).

How it works

Customers choose the combination of sensors for their context (capturing metrics including VPD, dewpoint, soil moisture, light intensity, temperature, humidity, windspeed, airflow and CO2). 30MHz provides a private, scalable mesh network (with the option to easily add more sensors at any time) and an intuitive analytics platform with real-time alerts, visualizations, heatmaps, charts and graphs. Data is easily exportable in CSV, analytics dashboards are easily shared with third parties (with adjustable permissions) and the 30MHz API allows users to connect external data sources (including climate control data).

Crop-level monitoring for real results

Real-time crop monitoring helps growers make quick, informed decisions with granular, accurate data. 30MHz customers have estimated returns including 3600% ROI, 5% annual energy savings, £5000 in saved annual labor costs and £1000 saved on pesticide usage.

Who’s working with it

Leading names in agriculture, including Polybell, Cottage Farms, Madestein, Syngenta, Royal Brinkman, Rijk Zwaan, Svensson, Bejo Zaden and Jan De Wit en Zonen and Wageningen University work with 30MHz smart sensing technology.

Find them on Twitter: @30mhz. Take a look at their video and blogs below for more information.

Member's Area/s of Interest

Innovation and the will to innovate is always there; I’ve certainly found that in abundance in UK agriculture, though sometimes it needs someone to light the match. This is what Agri-Tech East does best and we are proud to be a member.

Agriculture is not like any of other industry; we have to learn how incredibly complicated it is, there is no one platform, book to read, reference or single medium to reach your intended audience. Agri-Tech East have really facilitated our understanding of this, and helped us to navigate the vast agriculture world and focus.

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