ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental applied/strategic research and consultancy. Established over 65 years ago, ADAS has offices throughout England and Wales, including a major agricultural research site near Cambridge. Over 500 staff deliver national and international projects in 60 specialisms including crop nutrition, crop physiology, crop protection (disease management, weed management and pest management), soils, water, horticulture, on-farm advice and livestock management.

Their great strength is the breadth and depth of their expertise spanning the entire agricultural and environmental sector. Science underpins all of ADAS’ work and is key to delivering sound, evidence-based and innovative solutions that are practical and deliver benefit to their clients.

ADAS leads and project manages many collaborative projects with commercial and academic partners. Their practical engagement with the agriculture industry and wider environment ensures their work delivers real impact. ADAS is involved in a large number of InnovateUK and Agri-Tech Catalyst projects covering a wide range of areas including crop protection, horticulture, breeding, precision farming and animal health. ADAS clients and collaborators include all the major organisations in the Agri-Tech community and ADAS leads the Yield Enhancement Network to foster innovation in yield improvement with farmers, industry and researchers.

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