Knowledge and decision support for crop value chains

Agricompas provides decision support to all major actors in crop value chains to improve the technical, environmental and economic efficiency of their processes.

Producing more and better food is only sustainable when individual production units or fields are optimised per grower and location in near real-time. Agricompas’ unique holistic approach combines detailed crop knowledge with socio-economic data and applies this in the decision support modules of: Productivity, Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain, Food Security, Environment and R&D.

Agricompas partners with growers, universities and research institutes to share and create comprehensive crop data and knowledge. While supporting the activities of its partners, Agricompas commercialises decision support to value chain actors like processors, financials and traders. Subscribing customers receive timely alerts and reports via user-friendly interfaces. Agricompas develops industrial research collaborations and commercial ventures with partners and clients in major crops and geographies with a clearly identified commercial potential.

Roelof Kramer leads Agricompas with over 20 years of experience of building businesses and providing services to customers worldwide. His great passion is sustainable optimisation of agriculture in developed and developing cropping systems that will improve the livelihoods of commercial as well as smallholder growers.

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