agriVue specialises in the use of UAVs (‘drones’) to analyse crops and provide data to farmers. Their drones are able to identify crop health, weed pressure and poor drainage areas in fields. Expert operators and bespoke drones and sensors enable agriVue to tailor a service that is fast, efficient and provides practical data to their customers.

agriVue are a young company with a big future. They believe that the data from drones is an incredibly valuable asset that needs to be harnessed by the agricultural sector and that such data should be readily available to allow day-to-day decision making, in order to improve crop production and sustainability. To make UAV data ubiquitous in agriculture it needs to be cost-effective and provided in a timely fashion. Therefore agriVue is working within the agricultural community to offer a low-cost business model, one that includes the rapid turnaround of data to enable farmers and agronomists to aid timely ‘in-season’ crop management.

Formed in association with uVue (their parent company and a leading UK commercial drone operator), agriVue has quickly gained a reputation for professionalism and forward thinking in the delivery of highly skilled drone services that are specifically tailored to the agricultural sector.

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