What if you could turn your fruit and vegetable surplus into income and reduce your sourcing cost?

Agronomex is a B2B web marketplace linking fruit and vegetable suppliers with food professionals to facilitate direct trade of surplus produce by offering a sustainable eSourcing solution to procurement teams.

In one single place suppliers and buyers can manage their entire supply and sourcing processes through resource optimisation and technology. To do this, Agronomex’ service incorporates key attributes including:

  • Auction model where sellers set the asking price and thus have the guarantee to sell at an economically viable price they have decided;
  • Forward contracting” option thus growers can sell before harvesting and buyers can secure their supply in advance;
  • Participative platform: buyers can initiate the trade by posting their sourcing needs;
  • Alternative logistics solution connecting haulers with customers via an outsourced freight exchange platform;
  • Payment facility options, including extended payment terms and payment guaranteed.

Quality and traceability are key elements of the procurement process. Agronomex encourages its suppliers to upload online quality and traceability documentations and thus maximise their chance to find a purchaser in a timely manner. Furthermore, a single ID is allocated to each finalised trade.

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Through the events organised over the year, Agri-Tech East has created a unique ecosystem, facilitating communication between the different actors of the industry which is extremely important for a young company like ours.

Since we pitched at the GROW Competition in June 2017, Agri-Tech East has been very supportive, providing feedback, making introductions etc…

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