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Andersons (The Andersons Centre)

The Andersons Centre provides top quality business advice, research and economic analysis to the agricultural, rural and food sectors across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Our Farm Business Consultancy team operates nationally and each year we advise around 2,000 UK farmers helping them maximise profitability and achieve their goals.

Our Business Research team is recognised across the UK and internationally as a leading provider of economic, policy and market analysis covering all aspects of agriculture. We also produce industry-leading publications such as the ABC Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book, the John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook, the Professional Update briefing service and the InsideTrack magazine.

Each year, we run our highly-renowned Andersons Spring Seminar series which provides an overview of the entire farming industry and its prospects – covering policy changes, new legislation, technological developments, economic outlook, market prospects and profitability. They assess the implications for the future structure of UK farming and farm businesses, and those that service them. The Seminars have been running for over 20 years and are a must-attend event for many in the farming and agri-business sector. They are relevant to all professionals, companies and organisations working in agriculture.

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