Aponic Ltd have designed, developed and now manufacture a vertical soilless growing system that uses 90% less water than traditional growing methods.

It can be used to grow low carbon, high yielding herbs, salad crops, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Being vertical means it turns acreage into volume, maximising ground usage and making an infertile plot almost anywhere in the world into a low-input, high-value output productive farm.

It is now perfectly feasible to grow or test consistent, clean crops using unique nutrient, pH and hardness combinations, on any soil type. This includes contaminated land in towns to produce cheaper, high quality local produce which has zero food miles as it is used where it is grown.

In addition, there is no polluting nutrient run off from the tubes: all of the water and nutrients are recycled until they are completely used by the plants. There is no soil preparation, massively reduced labour costs in planting, harvesting and tending the crops and no herbicide required.

Aponic are supplying a new generation of farmers and education facilities, who are very aware of the need to diversify into niche markets and create sustainable, secure growing methods to meet the global realities of modern food cultivation.

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