Arlabion is an agri-tech startup developing new generation seed treatment products for sustainable crop management. Arlabion products act as both fungal inhibitors and plant activators at the same time. They have been proven to be effective on wheat, corn, peppers and tomatoes by inducing plant defence responses to a broad spectrum of pathogens. Laboratory trials and field experiments have been proven to control serious crop diseases such as Root Rot, and current laboratory tests on Septoria control are also looking very promising.

Arlabion agrochemicals have the potential to completely replace toxic fungicides and become a new industry standard.

Arlabion is open for cooperation with agrochemical and seed treatment companies for further product development.

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As a company co-founder I was exploring best routes to the market when I was introduced to Belinda Clarke and Agri-Tech East. Belinda immediately saw the value of our product to seed producers and wheat growers.

Arlabion is an agri-tech startup developing new generation seed treatment products for sustainable crop management – fungal inhibitors and plant activators.

Belinda introduced me to top experts in wheat research and seed breeding. Their validation of our approach to the wheat pathogen problem gave us confidence and sense of direction – if you have ever developed a startup company you will know how important it is!

Also, I was lucky to have presented our startup at the showcase at the first REAP conference. Every company can only dream of such targeted exposure to industry professionals and getting their immediate response. As part of preparation for the showcase, Agri-Tech East provided pitch training. I can assure you that after this training your presentation will never be a boring PowerPoint deck of slides again!

Our company Arlabion is based in Yorkshire, where we produce our new chemical compound in small quantities. We have joined Agri-Tech East because I believe it provide excellent professional network opportunities and access to best research capabilities. In addition, I just loved working with the very nice people in Agri-Tech East. I am now considering relocating the company to the East of England to ensure proximity to industry and wheat growers.

Joining Agri-Tech East turned out to be one of the best moves in my company development.

Ella Kalnina, CEO and Co-founder, Arlabion

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