Aspuna Group is an international social impact commodities business, with its first operations currently being set up in The Gambia through its first subsidiary – Aspuna Gambia Ltd.

Part-financed by the UN’s IFAD and the African Development Bank, Aspuna is building a cassava processing factory, which will be supplied by a network of small holder farmers. Embedding its commitment to social returns firmly into its operations, Aspuna is working closely with the Gambian Ministry of Agriculture on the development of the country’s first cassava outgrower scheme, through which Aspuna will be channelling technical and social support.

However, Aspuna has designed its operations to deliver substantial social returns beyond farming communities. Youth unemployment in The Gambia stands at an alarming 37%, while rural women are one of the most marginalised groups in Gambian society. Before this background, Aspuna has made youth and women their focus groups for the recruitment of factory staff. Aspuna Gambia is an exciting enterprise with the potential to change many lives in the country.

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