British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO)

The objective of the BBRO is to commission and implement research and knowledge exchange activities designed to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the UK beet sugar industry in a sustainable and environmentally acceptable manner. This is overseen by the Executive Board who are responsible for setting the levy.

The BBRO is a non-profit making company set up jointly by British Sugar plc (BS) and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

The Stakeholder Board of BBRO is largely made up of representatives of the sugar beet industry with additional supporting expertise and provides an independent panel of experts to give both oversight of BBRO’s funded research and provide guidance on the selection of research priorities. The Stakeholder Board has access to a Technical Group, made up of independent external scientific specialists, and provides robust consultation on the quality of the science BBRO supports. BBRO is led by Dr Vicky Foster and the senior staff of BBRO oversee and monitor all internal and external projects.

Member's Area/s of Interest

Salle Farms, winner of BBRO Beet Challenge, with Simon Bowen (right)

Our team out in the field

BBRO joined with Agritech East for the two day Royal Norfolk Show

Agri-Tech East provides a refreshing approach to collaboration and networking by providing access to other likeminded organisations.

BBRO is based at the Norwich Research Park and has benefitted from membership of Agri-Tech East, who have enabled it to expand its network not only across the Norwich site but also across the wider scientific and business communities. BBRO would recommend membership to those looking to develop their business in the new and exciting landscape of agri-tech.

Colin MacEwan, British Beet Research Organisation

Vacancy - Field Trials Officer

We are recruiting a Field Trials Officer to join our dynamic trials team and help provide evidence-based solutions to sugar beet farming problems.

Improving Soil Health; Potential Impact on Yield

BBRO joined forces with NIAB on the 7th September, inviting growers to attend a soils workshop with presentations from; Dr Elizabeth Stockdale, David Clarke and Dr Lydia Smith from NIAB; and Jamie Stotzka from PlantWorks Ltd.

Grower update:

BBRO prepare the sugar beet industry for growing the crop without neonicotinoid seed treatments