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Launched in Summer 2018, Breedr is set to become the world’s first global marketplace for fully traceable meat and livestock.

Using the Breedr app and ear tagging system, farmers will be able to monitor individual animals from birth to sale, recording everything from lineage to feed and animal health records, before listing livestock on the Breedr marketplace.

Retailers will use the marketplace to source entirely traceable meat, directly from the farmers who produce it, giving end-consumers full transparency about the products they put on their plate.

On-farm monitoring is merged with animal data collected from abattoirs and retailers, with insights fed straight back to farmers – all through Breedr’s dashboard.

Farmers can use the new tool to monitor farm performance and aid decision-making and best practise, helping them optimise their meat production.

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Ian Wheal founder of Breedr

Breedr presentation in REAP2018 start-up showcase

Enabling beef producers to meet changing consumer preferences

Breedr has developed an easy-to-use app that will help farmers finish cattle to retailers’ specifications with greater precision, underpinned by the data to evidence this.