Itaka Crop Solution

Founded in 2014, Itaka Crop Solution has rapidly become a European leader in inputs for organic farming.

Our solutions can equally be integrated in conventional farming to achieve “zero residue”. Itaka’s philosophy is based on environmental responsibility, operator safety and growing consumer demand for cleaner products. Our solutions integrate the use of microorganisms, plant extracts, bio-stimulants and minerals. Our programs are tailored to individual farms, based on history, cropping rotations and current programs. Each farm presents a unique set of conditions and opportunities, requiring individual attention.

We provide:

  • Innovation based on our own R&D capacity and a large research network for best production composition and formulation
  • Production quality to optimise results in the fields
  • Zero-Residue programs for plant nutrition and prevention of adversities to meet market requirements
  • Field assistance through a dedicated technical team to confirm product validity in every situation and ensuring follow-up for individual farms
  • Our solutions are supported by independent research institutes and tested on-farm.

Itaka is a key partner and stakeholder in international research programs on sustainable farming, such as Bresov, Solace and Liveseed. Itaka is owned by GiLoGi’s Holding Ltd (UK).

Find out more at www.itakacropsolution.com/en or contact us on: 07437-584661

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