Map of Ag

Map of Ag

Map of Ag is a leading provider of insight and knowledge to Farmers, AgProfessionals and AgBusiness, delivering pioneering analytics, modelling and research.

Our innovative technology enables any business within the food supply chain – from farmer to retailer – to make sound decisions based on accurate, real time information. Our approach is built on expertise and integrity which contributes to the long-established farming culture of shared information and best practice.

Our mission is to provide the industry with better information, better communication and better farms as a result. Informing farmers & the industry: Our research arm, the National Farm Research Unit, has conversed with tens of thousands of farmers for over 20 years about topics that matter. We listen, we analyse and share the results with both farmers and the industry.

Across our data models we not only employ cutting edge analytics but build bespoke algorithms to maximise the insight we can offer the farmer and industry. We provide market insight on over 74,000 farms, with more than 4 million observations going back to harvest 1994 and up to 150 layers of insight against each farm.

Our comprehensive research services can improve a company’s performance, customer relationships and profitability through better informed decisions. We provide services on a global basis from offices in the UK, Argentina and New Zealand.

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