Outfield provides data from aerial images that let growers and farm managers improve decision making. The Outfield system was developed with farmers in East Anglia to ensure any technology used provides effective outputs, increasing yields and reducing costs.

Using drones and satellites, Outfield’s image recognition algorithms bring accessible “big data” to farms. All of the outputs are provided in formats which can be readily integrated into farm management systems, along with current and detailed maps of the entire farm.

These techniques are being used across agriculture, and Outfield is operating in the following areas:

  • Providing land area surveys for medium and large scale farms (2500ha +) to facilitate farm management, including accurate measures of croppable areas, conservation areas, tree belt assessments, field margins, crop health analysis, and assessment of infield features;
  • Supporting high value crop growers to maximise harvests with automated plant count, sizing and health across the entire crop;
  • Working with agricultural R&D bodies to provide data on the ongoing health and condition of crops in various field trials; and
  • Providing hard fruit yield prediction for orchard growers to aid orchard management.

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