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PBD Biotech

PBD Biotech Ltd. has developed a novel phage-based technology, which is able to sensitively detect the presence of live bacteria in blood or milk.

Its patented Actiphage products include a blood test, to aid early detection of bovine TB and Johne’s disease, and a milk test for quality assurance of dairy products. The technology is able to deliver results within six hours. As opposed to the number of weeks it takes current detection methods.

Unlike the existing gold-standard tests for mycobacterial diseases, which analyse the immune response of the animal, PBD Biotech’s Actiphage test directly measures the presence of live bacteria.

Originally developed for human tuberculosis, Actiphage has been refined for veterinary and food processing applications. Actiphage has been successfully used to detect live mycobateria in raw milk, pasteurised milk, powdered infant formula, cheese and in the blood of infected animals. The highly sensitive and specific test has been applied to samples from 17 species so far, including cattle, camelids and exotic animals.

In May 2018, the test was approved by the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) for Exceptional Private Use by cattle farmers suffering chronic TB breakdowns in England. Other international trials are underway.

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Being members of Agri-Tech East is a massive asset for a start-up company in this sector and is already creating a hugely valuable impact for our company.

As a start-up company with little experience in the agri-tech sector, PBD Biotech considers itself hugely fortunate to be located in East Anglia. When we first started out – although the business plan was well advanced, the technology validated and ready for prototype manufacture – there were major gaps in terms of seeking seed finance in the sector, networking with other commercial partners and understanding the regulatory processes.

Having joined Agri-Tech East, Belinda and Becky opened numerous doors to local investors including the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Fund and introduced us to a network of relevant bodies including the NFU and regulatory advisors with a common interest in the improved control of mycobacterial disease in agriculture.

Moreover, the opportunity to present at networking events such as REAP allowed us to really maximise PR opportunities that have had a startling impact on an early phase business.

Dr Berwyn Clarke

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