Weather Logistics

Weather Logistics is a scientific research and development company. It is supported through the UK Space Agency business incubator, located at the University of Nottingham.

The company specialises in climate impacts using seasonal forecasting techniques. To achieve this, the company employs its software algorithm to deliver detailed advisories of the expected weather extremes to within a few kilometres and at one to five month timescales. The goal is to increase awareness and resilience to near-term climate variability. Its vision: a future of food security.

The unique feature of its climate products are their localised output statistics. Its dynamic forecasts maps can be used to locate floods, frost, droughts, cold snaps and heat waves closer to the field. Launched in autumn 2016, Climate-Smart Crop provides insights into the range of weather conditions, compared to previous years, that a crop will be exposed to.

Further information is available on Twitter: @ukclimate.

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