Agri-Tech Week 2014

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About Agri-Tech Week 2014

To meet the global demands for increased food production farming needs a new agricultural revolution. Innovation is needed, not only in the way we develop new varieties of crops that can perform well under adverse environments, but also in the way these crops are grown, harvested and processed.

Agri-tech encompasses a huge variety of new technologies designed to improve productivity while minimising environmental impacts. Agri-tech has been identified as a priority by government with the launch of the UK strategy for agricultural technologies:

“We want the UK to become a world leader in agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability; exploit opportunities to develop and adopt new and existing technologies, products and services to increase productivity; and contribute to global food security and international development.” UK strategy for agricultural technologies,December 2013.

Against this background, Agri-Tech East and its partners created the UK’s first Agri-Tech Week in 2014.

Agri-Tech Week 2014The intention was to create a better understanding of the issues facing farmers and growers, to showcase some of the most interesting technologies emerging from the region and enable better knowledge transfer.

To this end four well-respected organisations – Agri-Tech East, the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Associationthe Suffolk Agricultural Association, and the Home Grown Cereals Authority –  joined forces to present Agri-Tech Week 2014.

Together they created a series of events aimed at  farmers, growers, researchers, plant breeders, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors; in fact, everyone that has an interest in the food chain up to the farm gate. Further details of the events are below, but the ambition is to make this week an annual event and we therefore encourage other organisations to participate and plan events with an agri-tech theme for  November 2015.  If you are interested in participating do let us know.


Reports from Agri-Tech Week events 2014

Agri-Tech Week aims to begin to address the issues and generate new thought leadership, that will improve the translation of research into practice as well as the application of new technologies and processes to farming.



  • Norfolk: RNAA Thought-leadership Seminar – held at the Norwich Research Park, Norwich and organised by the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, a panel of experts discussed the challenges of bringing science into practice and investigated the traditional role of the show society is changing to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Held in one of the world’s most advanced centres for life science research, this event aimed to help to develop stronger leadership for the agri-tech sector.


  • Suffolk: HGCA Monitor Farms Programme Launch  –  The Monitor Farm programme, run by cereals levy organisation HGCA, is expanding this autumn in order to reach more farmers around the UK, and it held a launch event to encourage participation and collaboration. 

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