• Sunny outlook for Prodata Weather Systems

    Sunny outlook for Prodata Weather Systems

    “Having your own personal weather station provides multiple benefits if you are a farmer,” says Peter Palmer, Sales and Development at Prodata Weather Systems. “Knowledge of wind speed and direction is vital for maintaining good spraying records and for making the decision to spray or not, while rainfall monitoring and information about the soil moisture can improve irrigation decisions.” (more…)

  • Carlos Lopez-Gomez

    Agri-Tech East cluster best place to start a business

    Robotics, big data, precision engineering, smart water management and plant science are some of the areas where the Agri-Tech East business cluster has significant competitive advantage according to an independent…

  • Gary Zimmer - “Feed the soil and it will feed you”

    “Feed the soil and it will feed you,” Gary Zimmer says at REAP

    Yield and quality can be improved, within the existing fertilizer budget, by a move to Biological Farming.  Soil and tissue testing are essential to assess the available nutrition in the…

  • Bringing inspiration from the corners of the earth

    Bringing inspiration from the corners of the earth

    The first step for innovation is to understand the problem. The issues faced by agriculture are common to other markets, so it is reasonable to think that solutions proven to…

  • Is your fertiliser reaching the plant?

    Cover crops have a valuable role as a ‘soil corrective’ according to Gary Zimmer of Midwestern Bio-Ag. Zimmer is a pioneer of biological farming, which places great emphasis on the role…

  • Realising our Potential

    The time taken to bring in the harvest may be decreasing but the data it produces is increasing and becoming more meaningful.  With more combine harvesters than ever measuring yield it is becoming…