• Agri-Tech Week 2018: Scientific Advances in Agriculture

    The Earlham Institute presents a three-part workshop featuring Carousel Activities of live demonstrations, laboratory tours and finishing with transforming food workshop discussions.

    As part of Agri-Tech Week 2018, experts at the Earlham Institute (EI) will be showcasing agricultural based technologies that could benefit our region. The aim of ‘Scientific Advances in Agriculture’ is to provide a platform to facilitate discussions, and formulate new collaborations, between scientists on the Norwich Research Park and the local agricultural community.

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018: Soil Health and Circular Economy: A Sustainable Future for Agriculture

    As part of Agri-Tech Week 2018, this interactive event on 9 November is aimed at industry research and growers in horticulture and agriculture, looking at: methods of soil testing techniques…

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018: Precision spraying now and in the future

    Investigating best practice in spray application now, the emerging techniques and a look to what is on the horizon.

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018: Big Data and the Supply Chain

    This interactive event aims to bust the myths around data and look at how new technologies are solving some of the issues facing the arable and livestock sectors.

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018 – Solving the challenges of crop protection

    This event will explore the innovative and cutting edge solutions being developed to improve crop protection in the face of environmental change. The University of Hertfordshire works collaboratively with farmers,…

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018: Above, Below and Around

    University of Essex will be launching a new Plant Science Innovation Centre and showcasing its new £11.8 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) building in this Agri-Tech Week event….

  • Agri-Tech Week 2018

    Save the date – Agri-Tech Week 2018

    We are planning a great programme for this year, but in the meantime a huge thank you to everyone who hosted, organised or attended events for Agri-Tech Week 2017. Events…

  • Social, Strategic or Opportunistic - How Do You Network

    Social, Strategic or Opportunistic – How Do You Network?

    “I came here with a specific goal – to meet farmers to recruit into a new soils project – and I’ve achieved it,” a delegate from a major agri-research organisation…

  • Fruit - Saving waste in horticulture

    Saving waste in horticulture: optimising resources – 10 Nov 2017

    Tomatoes, strawberries and other crops grown undercover are a rich source of active plant ingredients such as lycopene, anticyanins and isoflavones that are used in the cosmetic and health industries….

  • A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    A few minutes adjusting tyre pressure can improve a crop

    “Soil compaction is probably the most significant challenge to all crop development,” says Bill Basford, Independent Mechanisation Specialist. Bill will be giving advice about matching tyres and pressure to soil…