• Reflections on Agri-Tech Week 2018

    Reflections on Agri-Tech Week 2018

    As we look back on an exciting and interactive Agri-Tech Week, it is clear that data, drivers and discussions are top of the agri-tech agenda

    We still need some work on the user-interface to make it all inter-operable with humans at the centre of it – a hot topic with all the robots making an appearance during the Week.

  • Thinking beyond boundaries

    Thinking beyond boundaries

    With conference season upon us again, we’re revving up for the wealth of commentary, insights and opinions that will be shared across the industry. The recent World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit…

  • Beware the hype!

    Beware the hype!

    Expectations have never been higher about the promise and return for agricultural technologies. Enlightened interpretation of “big data,” routine deployment of robotics and automation, connected devices and farm machinery via…

  • Standards and regulation in agri-tech

    Standards and regulation in agri-tech

    Could early sight of transformative innovation by regulators and consistent standards help to drive innovation? With the wealth of emerging new agricultural technologies, products and services, it is difficult for…

  • Knowledge sharing should be a conversation

    Knowledge sharing should be a conversation

    Feedback is essential for the effective communication, and in this month’s blog we look at developments in knowledge exchange. What is Knowledge Exchange? This simple, yet potentially existential question is…

  • Innovation Insights at Cereals 2018 feat

    How does best practice become common practice?

    There are a wealth of opportunities for farmers to see best practice in action, but how can we speed up the process by which best practice becomes common practice, and what are the barriers to be overcome?

  • Reflections from Cereals

    This week has seen farmers, researchers, tech developers and industry come together at Cereals 2018, one of the UK’s biggest annual arable agriculture trade events. The emphasis was on preparation…

  • Defra looks towards farm-centric R&D

    Ensuring farmers are at the centre of agricultural R&D is a major driver behind a new approach from Defra. We hosted a consultation event at which Defra outlined how helping…

  • When will Farmville become real world

    Digital farming: Could Farmville become real world?

    Are you a farmer? An engineer? A scientist? An agronomist? Chances are that if you are reading this then you could be one of those, but the next decade will…

  • Managing risk in agri-tech

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained – but what can you afford to lose?  The role of public money in de-risking the development and adoption of new technologies was recognised recently with…