• Innovation Insights at Cereals 2018 feat

    How does best practice become common practice?

    The season for agricultural trade shows, open days, field walks, demonstration farm visits, technical seminars, and other industry events is at its peak right now, offering a wealth of opportunities for farmers to see best practice in action. But how can we speed up the process by which best practice becomes common practice, and what are the barriers to be overcome?

    It is widely hoped that innovation is the key to tackling this gap

    As we outlined in our report last year, From Grass Roots to Blue Skies, there is a major productivity gap between the best-performing farms and the rest. While soil type, weather and other factors may play a role, the disparity between the Championship league producers and the farmers struggling to make a living is significant – but potentially addressable.

  • Reflections from Cereals

    This week has seen farmers, researchers, tech developers and industry come together at Cereals 2018, one of the UK’s biggest annual arable agriculture trade events. The emphasis was on preparation…

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    Digital farming: Could Farmville become real world?

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  • Innovation With A Purpose

    Innovation with a purpose

    Many of the technologies identified by the World Economic Forum as being key to achieving sustainability goals are being developed within our membership ecosystem. Most of us have heard of…

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    Hacking, Sprinting and Providing New Solutions for Agriculture

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    Predicting a rise in Stock-Tech

    Many of our farmer members will remember when mixed farming was routinely practiced across the region, but in recent times herds and flocks have not been economically viable for a farm…

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    Transforming food production from farm to fork

    To put the UK at the forefront of a global revolution in farming is the bold ambition stated in the UK’s recent Industrial Strategy White Paper. Growing the markets for…

  • Social, Strategic or Opportunistic - How Do You Network

    Social, Strategic or Opportunistic – How Do You Network?

    “I came here with a specific goal – to meet farmers to recruit into a new soils project – and I’ve achieved it,” a delegate from a major agri-research organisation…