• Connecting Food foodchain

    Connecting Food uses Blockchain to secure food quality

    Connecting Food is developing an authentication system based on block-chain technology that would allow food operators to get real-time insight into whether a given product meets End Product Specifications (EPS),

    The company is developing an approach that would help detect issues at an early stage and allow the problem to be managed effectively potentially saving the industry millions by reducing contamination that results in product recalls.  (more…)

  • Start-Up Showcase - Farm-r feat

    Launch of Farm-r at REAP brings equipment time-share to farming

    Sharing agricultural equipment makes economic sense to farmers as the cost and efficiency of the machinery has increased in recent years. Entrepreneur Dan Robinson is launching the company Farm-r at…

  • Pollinator: Trust, Provenance and Blockchain – impacts and opportunities for agriculture

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are, according to reports, poised to transform the financial industry, providing a secure global footprint of transactions and records. How could blockchain technologies help…

  • Fruit - Saving waste in horticulture

    Saving waste in horticulture: optimising resources – 10 November

    Tomatoes, strawberries and other crops grown undercover are a rich source of active plant ingredients such as lycopene, anticyanins and isoflavones that are used in the cosmetic and health industries….

  • Biology Meets Agri-Tech

    Biology Meets Agri-Tech

    The theme of REAP 2017 is “Today’s Knowledge Meets Tomorrow’s Technology,” and biology is at the forefront with our keynote speaker focusing on no-till agriculture. But beyond that, soil microbes,…

  • Ozo Innovation's eloclear in use

    Fogging improves packhouse hygiene and controls contamination

    Reducing microbes and pathogens on fresh produce improves product safety and extends shelf life of fresh produce. Ozo Innovations has demonstrated it can provide a significant improvement over existing wash systems…

  • Reed bed creates sustainable source of water for veg

    If you buy organic carrots from a major retailer in the UK, they have likely been washed with water filtered through a reed bed at Produce World’s factory in Yaxley,…

  • Engineers rising to the GROW challenge

    The Department of Engineering at University of Cambridge is actively supporting GROW this year, as agri-tech applications are becoming an area of increasing interest for the group. Helen Francis, Research…

  • AgriGate ‘open for business’ says Minister for Life Sciences

    Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman MP, came to Cambridgeshire during Agri-Tech Week to officially open the new Eastern AgriGate Research Hub, at Hasse Fen near Soham. The first of…

  • Advanced electronics will boost farmers’ incomes says speaker at Pollinator

    Reducing downtime on farm equipment and improving resource utilisation are two areas where telematics is making an impact on agricultural production – but there is considerable scope for advanced engineering…