• GROW winners announced

    And the winner of GROW agri-tech business plan competition is….. Farming Data. A mobile trading platform that could lift subsistence farmers out of poverty was the judges choice. For the first time the audience had an opportunity to tip their own winner with money from the ‘bank of Agri-Tech East’. The audience choice was SoilSense, an aerial soil sensor that can provide a detailed map of moisture content of the soil, even through vegetation.

    50 per cent of the world’s food is grown by small-holders and 40 per cent of global food production relies on irrigation  – so the two organisations are providing solutions to big challenges.

  • Farming Data - David Godding at GROW 2017 feat

    Farming Data supports subsistence farmers in creating market for surplus

    Smallholder farmers grow 80 per cent of the food produced in East Africa. A third are women, heading up a household of the old and young. If a surplus could…

  • SoilSense - Dallan Byrne feat

    Soil moisture sensor breakthrough paves way for smart irrigation

    An aerial soil moisture sensor that can provide a detailed map of the water status of a whole field in minutes is being developed by Bristol based SoilSense. The early…

  • Soil-for-Life - Jonathan Tole at GROW 2017

    Soil-For-Life helps farmers prioritise interventions

    “What factors can I influence to improve yield?” This is the question that Jonathan Tole has frequently asked himself. This challenge – faced by farmers worldwide – was the inspiration…

  • Agronomex - Pascale Martin at GROW

    Agronomex makes selling edible waste profitable

    Fresh vegetables that are surplus to orders are frequently left to rot in the field, as the cost of harvesting without a known buyer is too great. Concern about this…

  • Data Granary - Nicholas Wigdahl at GROW 2017

    DataGranary sees potential for data to feed ‘fast food’ industry

    Data has great value to those who will benefit from it. DataGranary aims to pay farmers for their data and then collect, clean, aggregate and sell it in a format…

  • Rob Alston, Managing Director of Silfield, will be at the final of Agri-Tech East’s GROW business plan competition

    “Show me you can make it happen,” says Rob Alston

    “I’m looking forward to GROW this year; it excites me to see something that could be the ‘next big thing’ in the industry, challenging the status quo,” says Robert Alston,…

  • GROW is springboard for dual fuel company

    GROW is springboard for dual fuel company

    Adnams plc is one of the industry leaders that is piloting a dual-fuel system from Diesel Dynamics Limited (DDL), finalist in GROW 2015. The DDL system makes accessible the use of…

  • GROW-ing early stage businesses

    We are delighted to see that GROW finalist, Smartbell, has moved into trials on Croxton Park Farm. The product monitors the behaviour of cows to detect early signs of lameness….

  • Funding for agri-tech

    Show us the money!

    Blue Monday is the 16th January, said to be when the impact of the festive excesses hits home. So this month we’re trying to think positively about what money is…