• Marcus de Wilde, Applied Blockchain

    Blockchain generating confidence with smart contracts

    Food fraud could be losing the food and drink industry up to £12bn annually, according to a report by NFU Mutual (2017), and high profile cases of deliberate substitution of and tampering with food has impacted consumer confidence.

    A technology called blockchain, which provides a secure audit trail for transactions in the food value-chain, could be a way of proving the provenance of products, and this is the theme of our 24th April Pollinator networking event.

  • Matthew Smith, Microsoft Research

    Using AI to fix fractured value chains: a path best tackled facing forward

    Matthew Smith was an ecologist before he joined Microsoft to lead the development of new predictive models for environmental systems, he spoke to us a couple of years ago and…

  • Jamie Lockhart, Honingham Thorpe Farms feat

    Could ‘flying flocks’ be the answer to soil fertility and low margins?

    “We know as arable farmers that we need to do something to improve soil health and structure and the inclusion of livestock in the rotation must be beneficial,” says Jamie…

  • Norfolk broads

    Looking forward

    As the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs commented at the Oxford Farming Conference last week “…if we want to preserve that which we cherish – a…

  • No-till in a time of climate change challenges thinking

    Tillage practices – ploughing operations that disturb the soil – affect soil carbon, water pollution, and farmers’ energy and pesticide use, and therefore the approach to cultivation can have a…

  • Matt O'Hagan, M&S

    Good taste and fresh ideas from M&S at REAP

    “M&S is looking at ways to increase the nutritional value of food, particularly by increasing levels of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, that may be lacking from peoples’…

  • John Shropshire, G's

    Forecasting a barbecue weekend

    A recent report released by WRAP estimates that around nineteen per cent of all lettuces were unharvested in 2015, with 38,000 tonnes lost across the sector worth an estimated £7million….

  • David Purdy, John Deere, will be speaking at REAP

    John Deere focused on precision technology

    “Yield mapping is now cheap as chips, and you can’t buy a combine without it. It’s a really accurate technology – for a narrow width it takes readings every couple…

  • Philip Garford, Garford Farm Machinery

    Automation as an alternative to chemicals

    “Weed control has certainly been changing in the past few years,” says Philip Garford, Managing Director of Garford Farm Machinery. He is set to speak at Agri-Tech East’s annual REAP conference in…

  • Reward farmers for Natural Capital, says Andrew Blenkiron ahead of Agri-Tech East's REAP conference 2017

    Reward farmers for building soil fertility, says Andrew Blenkiron

    “We need to go back to how my grandfather farmed, but using modern science,” says Andrew Blenkiron, Estate Director at Euston Estate, Suffolk. He is scheduled to speak at this…