• Lamb - no more lost sheep with Movetech

    No more lost sheep

    Losing sheep in a snowdrift or when about to give birth creates a severe economic loss to upland farmers, now a new ultra lightweight tracking device offers a cost-effective way to monitor animal behaviour. The device, which is also suitable for deployment on alpaca, deer and cattle has been developed by Movetech Telemetry, it will be featured in the Technology Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show.

    The device was originally developed for tracking wild birds for research into migration however the insights it offers into animal’s behaviour suggested that it might be of interest to livestock farmers.

  • Jamie Lockhart, Honingham Thorpe Farms feat

    Could ‘flying flocks’ be the answer to soil fertility and low margins?

    “We know as arable farmers that we need to do something to improve soil health and structure and the inclusion of livestock in the rotation must be beneficial,” says Jamie…

  • Are flying flocks the future of farming?

    Predicting a rise in Stock-Tech

    Many of our farmer members will remember when mixed farming was routinely practiced across the region, but in recent times herds and flocks have not been economically viable for a farm…

  • Berwyn Clarke PBD Biotech

    Supporting innovation at REAP new test detects TB in cattle

    A year since he first pitched in the REAP Start-Up Showcase (right), Dr Berwyn Clarke, Co-founder of PBD Biotech, was back to announce the first test kit for TB in…

  • Euston Estate

    Euston is a 11,500 acre Breckland country estate, of which 6,500 acres is farmed in hand.  We grow wheat, barley, maize, rye and sugar beet, the land is also utilised…

  • J F Temple & Son

    J F Temple & Son

    J F Temple & Son Ltd farm approximately 230 hectares of land in and around Wighton. The main enterprise is dairy, with approximately 130 cows, and a similar number of…

  • Reward farmers for Natural Capital, says Andrew Blenkiron ahead of Agri-Tech East's REAP conference 2017

    Reward farmers for building soil fertility, says Andrew Blenkiron

    “We need to go back to how my grandfather farmed, but using modern science,” says Andrew Blenkiron, Estate Director at Euston Estate, Suffolk. He is scheduled to speak at this…

  • Emily Norton, Nortons Dairy

    Success in value-added dairy

    “Milk is not just some white stuff that goes in a cup of tea, or on your cornflakes in the morning – it’s something that should be respected,” says Emily…

  • Internet of Cows provides early indication of health issues

    Internet of Cows provides early indication of health issues

    Smartbell brings the expertise of an experienced herdsman to an automated dairy system. It is able to detect changes in behaviour by individual animals that may indicate that they are…