• REAP Conference 2018

    Our fifth REAP conference comes at a time of unprecedented change, uncertainty and challenge for farmers and innovators. REAP 2018 will focus on growing productivity at a number of levels – from individual plants and animals, to fields and businesses, to landscapes and the wider farming system. Mindful of the need to ensure productivity increases must sit alongside landscape management, we look at how these two drivers can be reconciled and how agri-tech innovations can help.

  • Zhenling Cui

    REAP 2018 – best practice informed by science

    Increased productivity with reduced environmental impacts may sound like the holy grail of farming, but our keynote speaker at REAP, Dr Zhenling Cui of the China Agricultural University, Beijing, will…

  • REAP 2017 - Different perspectives, same goal feat

    REAP 2017 report: Today’s knowledge meets tomorrow’s technology

    Land is finite, so the big question is how best to manage this precious resource to provide enough nutritious food for our population – not just in this decade, but generation after…

  • Social, Strategic or Opportunistic - How Do You Network

    Social, Strategic or Opportunistic – How Do You Network?

    “I came here with a specific goal – to meet farmers to recruit into a new soils project – and I’ve achieved it,” a delegate from a major agri-research organisation…

  • Erosion proof farming meets technology (Brian Fischer for www.ashmorewhitesuffolks.com)

    Making agri-tech profitable, productive and sustainable at REAP 2017

    We will be looking beyond maximising yield at this year’s REAP to explore other ways to boost the value of output and to make agriculture profitable, productive and sustainable. Prof…