• REAP 2017 - Different perspectives, same goal feat

    REAP 2017 report: Today’s knowledge meets tomorrow’s technology

    Land is finite, so the big question is how best to manage this precious resource to provide enough nutritious food for our population – not just in this decade, but generation after generation.

    REAP 2017 approached this issue from a number of perspectives and despite the huge challenges facing the industry, the mood was one of optimism, with an impressive dialogue about the emerging science and technology that is swelling the innovation pipeline.

  • Social, Strategic or Opportunistic - How Do You Network

    Social, Strategic or Opportunistic – How Do You Network?

    “I came here with a specific goal – to meet farmers to recruit into a new soils project – and I’ve achieved it,” a delegate from a major agri-research organisation…

  • Erosion proof farming meets technology (Brian Fischer for www.ashmorewhitesuffolks.com)

    Making agri-tech profitable, productive and sustainable at REAP 2017

    We will be looking beyond maximising yield at this year’s REAP to explore other ways to boost the value of output and to make agriculture profitable, productive and sustainable. Prof…