• Zhenling Cui, the keynote speaker at REAP 2018

    Increase yield by 10%, cut nitrogen by a fifth, make £9bn – find out how at REAP

    A decade-long trial involving 21 million Chinese smallholders has shown it is possible to significantly improve crop yields while cutting use of nitrogen fertiliser by almost a fifth.

    The results provide strong evidence that a bespoke integrated soil-crop system management (ISSM) programme, developed by Cui Zhenling and his team at the China Agricultural University, is robust and versatile enough to support agricultural strategies that both enhance productivity and environmental performance.

  • traceability improved with Consus

    Burden of traceability eased with Consus

    Smaller vegetable, fruit and flower producers still using paper-based systems are struggling to meet the ever-increasing requirements of retailers for quality assurance and traceability, says Derek Thompson, co-founder of Consus…

  • Pea protein market valued at £26.7m

    From creating novel foods to tackling Type 2 diabetes, new agri-tech and increasing genomic knowledge is unlocking the potential of the humble pea seed, explains Professor Claire Domoney, Head of…

  • Algae – the future of sustainable food and feed production?

    Algae can provide a valuable source of high quality nutrition for humans and animals, according to Andrew Spicer, CEO of Algenuity, leaders in algal biology and industrial biotechnology. “There is…

  • HackathonAgro 2018

    Hackathons are international phenomenon

    The winning team from the Uruguay HackathonAGRO are to join us at REAP and we are looking forward to comparing learning points. HackathonAGRO is co-organised by the British Embassy Montevideo and…

  • Offering smarter decisions at REAP

    Offering smarter decisions at REAP

    The REAP technology exhibition showcase new innovations, technologies and equipment that will transform the industry. Here is an overview of some of our exhibitors this year 30MHz – Smart sensing…

  • Russell Sharp, Plater Bio's founder and Technical Director

    Considering no-till? Plater Bio is a natural choice

    Concerns over soil degradation have increased interest in no-till cultivation, which, by eliminating ploughing, minimises soil disturbance. Although widely used in the US, concerns over black grass management have restricted its adoption in the UK. To overcome the challenges Plater Bio provides a number of natural products to support no-till and is conducting a trial to see if liquid gypsum could be used as part of an IPM programme to overcome the problem of pernicious weeds. Plater Bio’s founder and Technical Director Russell Sharp will be at REAP to discuss this with farmers.

  • AI and robotics urgently needed to meet labour issues – but not yet magic bullet

    Although the Bank of England’s chief economist has predicted that up to 50% of all jobs could be lost to robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in the next four decades,…

  • REAP exhibition - Do you have a new agri-tech product or service?

    Chance to showcase your new agri-tech product or service at REAP

    From strawberry picking robots, to bee mimics and portable weather stations – we have had a wide variety of agri-tech demonstrated in the REAP Technical Exhibition.  The companies that have…

  • sudo grow hackathon gnome

    Three things not to do when running a hackathon

    We ran our first Agri-Tech Hackathon early this year in partnership with Allia Serious Impact.  It was an intensive weekend that resulted in some very exciting ideas emerging. A hackathon…