• Keeping spuds until June with smart storage

    “Potatoes can now easily be stored until June”, says Chris Lee of PJ Lee & Sons Ely about the new OmniCuro system form Omnivent that Highflyer Farms has installed to improve storage. The farm is one of the largest individual potato producers in the UK, serving chip shops the length and breadth of the country.

    Omnivent was one of the presenters at the Post-Harvest Storage Pollinator, held at Sutton Bridge.

  • Lamb - no more lost sheep with Movetech

    No more lost sheep

    Losing sheep in a snowdrift or when about to give birth creates a severe economic loss to upland farmers, now a new ultra lightweight tracking device offers a cost-effective way to…

  • Map of Agriculture predicting the market

    Map of Agriculture predicting the market

    Do you want to know the outcome of the 2018 harvest? Map of Agriculture has already made its predictions across multiple crop types, using numerous data points and in-depth analysis….

  • London squared - After the flood (feat)

    After the flood making information beautiful

    To survive in a complex world humans have evolved the skill to extract information quickly from patterns. This ability is exploited by infographics, and After the flood is now taking this type of data visualisation to a new dimension with artificial intelligence.

  • Connecting Food foodchain

    Connecting Food uses Blockchain to secure food quality

    Connecting Food is developing an authentication system based on block-chain technology that would allow food operators to get real-time insight into whether a given product meets End Product Specifications (EPS),…

  • Farmneed - climate smart agriculture

    Climate smart agriculture

    Express Weather has developed a decision support system called Farmneed that quantifies weather risk in agriculture. The innovative application is device agnostic and delivers bespoke content on weather and early…

  • 30MHz to show smart sensing toolkit at REAP

    30MHz to show “smart sensing toolkit” at REAP

    “There’s this perception that with the Internet of Things everything has to be very lofty and large scale, but there are so many very basic challenges or questions in agriculture…

  • Liberating soils and raising farm profits with Controlled Traffic Farming

    “We can’t eliminate soil compaction from our fields, but with careful planning and clever technology, we can permanently minimise the area that it affects,” says Tim Chamen, founder of CTF…

  • Ozo Innovation's eloclear in use

    Fogging improves packhouse hygiene and controls contamination

    Reducing microbes and pathogens on fresh produce improves product safety and extends shelf life of fresh produce. Ozo Innovations has demonstrated it can provide a significant improvement over existing wash systems…

  • Yagro connects farmers and suppliers with ease

    Purchasing farm inputs can be time consuming, as the options are not always clear for securing the best deal. Yagro solves this problem by connecting farms directly with their suppliers…