• Can you hack it - sudo grow hackathon

    Can you hack it? Best brains given 48 hours to feed the world

    The code-breakers of Bletchley Park were arguably the originators of the hackathon; the Allies were losing the war and drastic measures were needed. Talented people from different disciplines were given a clearly articulated problem and asked to come up with a solution. Using a mixture of engineering, linguistics and algorithms they cracked the Enigma Code and the rest is history.

    First agri-hackathon

    To accelerate innovation in the agri-food industry, Agri-Tech East has partnered with Allia to host the first >sudo : grow hackathon.

  • sudo grow hackathon - inspirational thinking, problem solving and prototype development

    Hacking, Sprinting and Providing New Solutions for Agriculture

    The “hackathon” concept has been used in the IT industry for some time to bring together technical experts around a key problem facing a business or sector, and engaging in…

  • sudo grow hackathon

    >sudo : grow hackathon announced

    Innovation comes from solving a problem in a new way and a fresh perspective often helps. There are some big challenges facing the agri-food industry and traditionally innovation in this…

  • GROW winners announced

    And the winner of GROW agri-tech business plan competition is….. Farming Data. A mobile trading platform that could lift subsistence farmers out of poverty was the judges choice. For the first time…

  • GROW is springboard for dual fuel company

    GROW is springboard for dual fuel company

    Adnams plc is one of the industry leaders that is piloting a dual-fuel system from Diesel Dynamics Limited (DDL), finalist in GROW 2015. The DDL system makes accessible the use of…

  • GROW-ing early stage businesses

    We are delighted to see that GROW finalist, Smartbell, has moved into trials on Croxton Park Farm. The product monitors the behaviour of cows to detect early signs of lameness….

  • GROW 2016\17

    GROW 2016/17 launched at REAP

    The national Agri-Tech business plan competition GROW is now live. GROW aims to give everyone with a good idea for improving agricultural production the chance to see if it can be made into…