• Earlham Institute's CropQuant at REAP 2017

    CropQuant grows with crop to provide robot eye on performance

    A small, portable robot that can ‘grow’ with the crop was demonstrated for the first time at REAP.

    CropQuant, developed by the Zhou Laboratory at the Earlham Institute, provides continuous monitoring in-field of the micro-climate, providing unique insights into crop performance. CropQuant monitors the crop growth and its growing environment using a suite of sensors and an imaging ‘eye’ that can extend up to 3 metres. This allows visualisation of the crop canopy as it grows.

  • Biology Meets Agri-Tech

    Biology Meets Agri-Tech

    The theme of REAP 2017 is “Today’s Knowledge Meets Tomorrow’s Technology,” and biology is at the forefront with our keynote speaker focusing on no-till agriculture. But beyond that, soil microbes,…

  • Matt O'Hagan, M&S

    Good taste and fresh ideas from M&S at REAP

    “M&S is looking at ways to increase the nutritional value of food, particularly by increasing levels of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, that may be lacking from peoples’…

  • Agri-Tech East at the House of Lords

    New video supports launch of From Grass Roots to Blue Skies report

    The Agri-Tech East cluster is generating new ideas that will boost the profitability, productivity and sustainability of agriculture. This is captured in a report From Grass Roots to Blue Skies: A vision…

  • From Grass roots to blue skies - a vision for agri-tech

    A Vision For Agri-Tech

      Agricultural production is stalling and the current farming model may be unsustainable but there is potential to make a radical improvement. Agri-Tech East’s members have identified a number of…

  • Is saline farming an option?

    Farming on the edge: is saline farming an option?

    Although a storm surge on the scale of Hurricane Harvey is unlikely, lowland farmers in the Wash are acutely aware of the risk of salt water encroaching on their land….

  • Biological 'lure and kill' system for bean weevils shows promise

    Biological ‘lure and kill’ system for bean weevils shows promise

    A biological control system for beetle pests of peas and beans would reduce the need for blanket insecticide application and help to reduce the issues with resistance. Trials by PGRO…

  • SoilSense - Dallan Byrne feat

    Soil moisture sensor breakthrough paves way for smart irrigation

    An aerial soil moisture sensor that can provide a detailed map of the water status of a whole field in minutes is being developed by Bristol based SoilSense. The early…

  • Soil-for-Life - Jonathan Tole at GROW 2017

    Soil-For-Life helps farmers prioritise interventions

    “What factors can I influence to improve yield?” This is the question that Jonathan Tole has frequently asked himself. This challenge – faced by farmers worldwide – was the inspiration…

  • Innovation Hub at the Royal Norfolk Show

    Feeding the future: Innovation Hub at Royal Norfolk Show

    Our natural resources of light, water and soil are finite but with smart technology we can make them go further. The Innovation Hub (Stand 271) at the Royal Norfolk Show…