• Map of Agriculture predicting the market

    Map of Agriculture predicting the market

    Do you want to know the outcome of the 2018 harvest? Map of Agriculture has already made its predictions across multiple crop types, using numerous data points and in-depth analysis.

    Forbes Elworthy (pictured right) is CEO of Map of Ag, which is a global organisation with UK offices in Oxford and Woodbridge, and is a leader in the field of sustainable agriculture. Forbes’ family has been farming in New Zealand for 150 years. It was the sudden loss of his father that led to a return to farming and Elworthy saw first-hand how understanding market trends is vital to profitable agriculture.

  • AIm of machine to machine learning feat

    Data-driven insights in agriculture – international players discuss AI in Ag at sell-out event

    A deluge of rain during the 2017 harvest slashed profits overnight – wheat for milling and barley for malting were downgraded and producers incurred additional costs for drying. Few industries…

  • London squared - After the flood (feat)

    After the flood making information beautiful

    To survive in a complex world humans have evolved the skill to extract information quickly from patterns. This ability is exploited by infographics, and After the flood is now taking this type of data visualisation to a new dimension with artificial intelligence.

  • Agrimetrics showcases new developer portal to tackle big questions in agriculture

    How do you value land use? How can you benchmark crop performance? How do you measure sustainability? These are big questions in agriculture. To help technology developers create the tools…

  • Farming Data - David Godding at GROW 2017 feat

    Farming Data supports subsistence farmers in creating market for surplus

    Smallholder farmers grow 80 per cent of the food produced in East Africa. A third are women, heading up a household of the old and young. If a surplus could…

  • Agronomex - Pascale Martin at GROW

    Agronomex makes selling edible waste profitable

    Fresh vegetables that are surplus to orders are frequently left to rot in the field, as the cost of harvesting without a known buyer is too great. Concern about this…

  • Data Granary - Nicholas Wigdahl at GROW 2017

    DataGranary sees potential for data to feed ‘fast food’ industry

    Data has great value to those who will benefit from it. DataGranary aims to pay farmers for their data and then collect, clean, aggregate and sell it in a format…

  • Omnia Precision Agronomy - software connecting agronomy and precision farming

    Creating the optimum seed bed

    “Omnia Precision software mirrors the way farmers and agronomists think when they look at a field,” says Oliver Wood, Precision Farming Technology Manager at Hutchinsons. The company’s new precision agronomy…

  • New wheat genome sequence is the most accurate yet

    New wheat genome sequence is the most accurate yet

    The wheat genome contains 17 billion bases – that’s five times the size of the human genome which has made it more difficult to sequence.  A major breakthrough has been…

  • potato yield model

    Agrimetrics brings Potato Yield Model to farmers’ fingertips

    As consumer preferences for potatoes become more specific, with both small (salad) and large (bakers) premium products the number of potatoes that a farmer can produce of the required size…