• YIF: New Stores at Elveden Estates

    The Young Innovators’ Forum (YIF) visited Elveden Estates on 10 October. Read on to see what one of the participants, Roxanne Sicat from the Department of Plant Sciences at Cambridge University, thought about the visit. Potato storage is not normally something that stirs one’s spirits. But, standing on a steel platform overlooking three storey’s worth of potatoes, I couldn’t help but marvel at the feats of engineering, botany, and farming that must’ve come together to make this Storage possible.

    The potatoes were stored in wooden boxes, each holding 1 tonne worth of spuds. Andrew Francis, the Farm Manager at Elveden Estate, walked onto the sea of potatoes. He balanced on the wooden walls of the boxes, and told us about how the facility worked.

    At Elveden, potatoes are stored in one of four buildings just like the one we were in. Using a sophisticated cooling system, potatoes are kept at low temperatures (3.5 to 4 degrees if they’re going to the grocer; 8 degrees if they’re to be pre-processed) to suppress dormancy breaking. By using a negative pressure system, Elveden is able to forgo using chloropropham, or CIPC. CIPC is a chemical that suppresses shoot growth in potatoes. In Andrew’s words, the storage facility allows Elveden to ensure “continuity of product for 52 weeks a year”.

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