• Young Innovators’ Forum: Frontier’s Trial Plots at Honingham Thorpe Farm

    July 2017 saw a group of students from Earlham Institute, UEA and JIC join a Norfolk Young Farmers’ visit to Frontier trial plots at Honingham Thorpe Farm. The visit was hosted by two Emilys, one of whom was a previous YIF attendee!

    Frontier has several trial plots looking at how well different varieties of wheat, oil seed rape (OSR) and barley perform over the growing season, taking note of anything that that could affect the yield and also running fungicide and insecticide trials to measure plant susceptibility. Things like lack of water (or, as recent weather proved, too much water) could be seen to stress different varieties more than others, for example, with some plants falling other due to weather this season.

  • Young Innovator’s Forum July Newsletter

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  • Bayer hosts Young Innovators Forum at local research farm

    Bayer hosts Young Innovators Forum at local research farm

    Twenty early-career researchers, agronomists and farmers have visited Bayer’s Chishill Research Farm as part of Agri-Tech East’s Young Innovators’ Forum.  Bayer is the latest member of Agri-Tech East to host…

  • Young Innovator’s Forum: Stephen Temple’s Anaerobic Digester

    For our latest visit, our Norfolk YIF-ers were treated to a visit to Stephen Temple’s anaerobic digester and Mrs Temple’s Cheese’s Production. Alongside its AD and cheese production, the farm…

  • Emily Norton, Nortons Dairy

    Success in value-added dairy

    “Milk is not just some white stuff that goes in a cup of tea, or on your cornflakes in the morning – it’s something that should be respected,” says Emily…

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    Blog courtesy of Bayer Crop Science – see the full blog here. In March, we launched our first Young Innovators Forum conference for early career stage researchers and farmers at Morley…

  • YIF Blog: May Mushroom Farm, G’s Growers

    Fun at the FUNgi Farm..! (Thanks George!) Our latest YIF visit took us to a mushroom farm on a relatively warm November evening. May Farm, run by G’s Grower’s, sits…

  • YIF Blog: Muntons Ingredients

    This October, we took our YIF group to Muntons Ingredients, who are a leading global player in the supply of malt, malt extracts and other malted ingredients for the food…

  • YIF Blog: KWS Seed Breeders

    This July, KWS UK Ltd. was the most recent host of our Young Innovator’s Forum in Cambridge. KWS are one of the leading global seed breeders (of 36 varieties on…

  • Young Innovators' Forum at KWS

    Young Innovators at KWS

    A visit to global plant breeding company KWS by the Young Innovators’ Forum was very successful, with loads of questions being asked. One of the core aims of Agri-Tech East is…