Connecting Food uses Blockchain to secure food quality


Connecting FoodConnecting Food is developing an authentication system based on block-chain technology that would allow food operators to get real-time insight into whether a given product meets End Product Specifications (EPS),

The company is developing an approach that would help detect issues at an early stage and allow the problem to be managed effectively potentially saving the industry millions by reducing contamination that results in product recalls. 

Start-Up Showcase - Connecting FoodFood product recalls, such as following the recent Fipronil contamination of eggs, erode consumer confidence and damage brands.

Britt  Kritzler, Country Manager UK and DE of Paris-based Connecting Food, says: “Food audits are currently typically carried out on less than 5% of products and sporadically. By the time a faulty product is identified other affected products have already been passed along downstream, potentially to the shelf edge.

“Connecting Food is developing a chain of custody system that provides an audit trail for food products, offering full transparency of their meeting EPS at every stage of the production chain. We further aim to create a virtuous cycle by rewarding farmers/breeders for quality, monies which can be invested into technologies for productivity gains.”

Both Connecting Food co-founders Maxine Roper and Stefano Volpi have worked in major international companies up and down the food supply chain, including Nestlé, Danone, Mars, and the major French upstream operator Groupe Avril, so understand well the challenges in the industry.

Kritzler says the platform uses new technologies, such as Blockchain and smart contracts, to assure confidence in the products. She says: “The software delivers assurance 365 days of the year, 24/7 in real-time and is tamper-proof. This allows for products not meeting EPS to be removed from the production chain as and when issues arise, helping prevent large-scale product recalls and protecting brand reputation.”

Kritzler says Connecting Food is excited to be a part of the REAP Start-up Showcase: “We are particularly interested in meeting UK partners, both in upstream and downstream, to gain their views of the platform and give them the opportunity to trial our beta-version in early 2018.

“We are currently running pilots in five animal production supply chains: eggs, milk, pork, chicken and beef, with major retailers and a global foodservice operator in the French market.

“Our current plan is to release an industrial version of the Connecting Food software in the first half of 2018 following the completion of these trials.”

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