Agri-Tech Week 2018: Scientific Advances in Agriculture

Earlham Institute, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7UZ

5 November, 2018

Earlham Institute Agri-Tech Week event

The Earlham Institute presents a three-part workshop featuring Carousel Activities of live demonstrations, laboratory tours and finishing with transforming food workshop discussions.

As part of Agri-Tech Week 2018, experts at the Earlham Institute (EI) will be showcasing agricultural based technologies that could benefit our region. The aim of ‘Scientific Advances in Agriculture’ is to provide a platform to facilitate discussions, and formulate new collaborations, between scientists on the Norwich Research Park and the local agricultural community.


18.00 Registration

18.25 Welcoming Address and Event Structure

18.30 Carousel Activities

  • MinION live genome sequencing demonstration – Dr Peter Bickerton, Scientific Communications and Outreach Manager
  • Biomanufacturing insect pheromones to control agricultural pests – Dr Nicola Patron, Synthetic Biology Group Leader
  • In field crop monitoring system demonstration – Dr Ji Zhou, Phenomics Project Leader
  • The Future of Wheat Breeding – Dr Anthony Hall, Head of Plant Genomics

19.10 Tours of NGS, DNA Foundry and HPC laboratories

including bonfire night inspired refreshments

20.30 Transforming Food Workshop, discussing:

  • Genome Technologies in Agriculture – where are we now and where are we going?
  • How could synthetic biology impact agriculture?
  • How In-field AI and robotics can increase crop yield
  • What Can Genomics Do For Crop Advancement?

21.30  Departures and Networking

Further information and event registration: http://www.earlham.ac.uk/scientific-advances-agriculture

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 01603 450523

3 BASIS Points will be available to attendees.