>sudo : grow hackathon

Future Business Centre, Cambridge CB4 2HY

7 April, 2018

To accelerate the innovation pipeline, we are experimenting with an agri-hackathon. We have invited industry experts to frame some big challenges – growing more on a smaller environmental footprint, balancing livestock performance with wellbeing, crop protection in a post-chemical world – and challenging teams to come up with solutions.

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The >sudo : grow hackathon promises to be a weekend of inspirational thinking, problem solving and prototype development to create some new solutions for the industry. Great team building exercise and opportunity to learn new skills and meet people with different experiences.

We have teamed up with hackathon wizards from Allia Serious Impact to offer this event as an alternative to the GROW agri-business plan challenge. So, if you have a background in engineering, software, development biology, or just want to come and mentor the teams based on your agricultural industry insights, come and get involved.

The challenge

>sudo : grow will focus on some of the most challenging areas facing the agricultural industry today, including:

  • vertical farming
  • non-chemical crop protection
  • poultry management.

The format

The hackathon will be a weekend of inspirational thinking, problem solving and prototype development to create impactful new solutions to real-world problems and a chance to win some great prizes.

Hackathons are all about immersing bright minds into an industry challenge over an intensive weekend, with the goal of producing a working prototype by the end of the weekend.

We’re asking the agriculture industry to bring their challenges to teams of mixed skills, from biology to technology to programming and engineering to come up with real worlds solutions. Teams will need the industry knowledge to make sure they consider all of the potential issues or requirements and that their solution is fit for purpose.

Agriculture is a really exciting industry right now on the cusp of change, with a real need to draw on expertise from other industries for continued innovation – so the time has never been better to apply your skills to their challenges and help secure of food for the future!

The people

If you have a background in engineering, software development, biology, or just want to come and support the teams with your agricultural industry insights, sign up now. You can sign up as a whole team, part of a team or individuals to hack.

Attendance is free and all food and refreshments will be provided over the weekend. Find out more and sign up now at www.sudochallenge.com

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Please note places are limited so sign up now to avoid disappointment.